The Advantages of Brahma Muhurat (Why Wake Up Early)


Brahma MuhurtaPeople who wake up early in the morning (Brahma muhurat) are said to be more productive than their counterparts. There is a saying “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It has truth on it for people who wake up earlier than others often finish their tasks ahead of time. These people are often more successful than others. Since they have a balanced life including sleeping early, they can keep up with the challenges of the day ahead of them.

What is Brahma Muhurat?

This saying is much accepted anywhere and is followed by most people. Ayurveda, being a holistic healing approach, strictly recommends Brahma muhurat which means a specific time for rising up in the morning. Ayurveda suggests that people must be up one and a half hour before the sun rises.

According to studies, there are many benefits of Brahma muhurat for a person. It has been an area of interest of many because there are many known advantages of waking up early. If you’re a night owl and you’re happy about it, there is no point of changing. But after reading this article, let me know your opinion on Brahma muhurat.

It will help you in many ways if you’ll learn about the good benefits of Brahma muhurat in your life. Here is a list of some great advantages of waking up early in the morning.

Hello to a New Day!

They say that people must first pray after waking up. This is a good way of giving thanks for the blessings you receive in your life. Dalai Lama said, “Everyday, think as you wake up.” This means that people must feel inspired about waking up. People must also be thankful to have another day in their lives. They must also feel grateful that they are alive and must workout on how to make their life a blessing for others.

Fresh Start

Brahma muhurat also teaches people on how to start their day. They must feel glad and jump out of their bed, and rush to their loved ones after offering a short prayer to God and meditating. There is no other good way to start your day other than offering a prayer and meditating. Think of yourself as a precious being that is helpful for others. This benefits you by being thankful about your existence.

Peaceful and Solemn

Brahma muhurat is a good way to greet the peaceful new day with a smile. More often than not, other loved ones are still sleeping before the sun rises. When you wake up early morning, you’ll witness the brand new day that is peaceful without the noise from a television or babies crying. This is the perfect time of peace that you can enjoy while meditating. It is also the right time to breathe in the fresh air of the morning.


There is nothing like greeting the new day with the sun rising in front of your eyes. This is one of the benefits people practicing Brahma muhurat in their lives. The sun slowly rises and gets brighter each minute that is passing by. It is such a great way to greet the new day.

There are many benefits in practicing Brahma muhurat in your life. You can experience the change once you get the hang of waking up early in the morning.


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