Agad Tantra (toxicology) - Why Learn About Agad Tantra (toxicology)


Toxicology or Agad TantraAyurveda is the oldest known medical science that is helpful for mankind in treating their diseases. It aims to help people in achieving longevity and a healthy life. This works for the holistic healing of an individual and not only concentrating on treatment of diseases. According to Ayurveda, there must be right harmony and balance within the person’s body for a healthy life. Apart from the general guidelines of having a healthy life, it also works with surgery and other complicated diseases. It is also a science that works on the vast and elaborative eight branches of Ayurvedic healing. Each of the branches works for a particular treatment.

Agad Tantra Students

Agad Tantra is the branch of Ashang Ayurveda that involves poisons. The practices involved in this branch are ancient. It started from the school of toxicology, which was founded and run by Kashyapa, also called the Vriddhakashyapa, a saint and medical doctor. His students in the Kashyapa School of Toxicology later were called the royal doctors in different kingdoms and were engaged to shield the members of the royal family from getting poisoned.

These royal doctors were employed to administer poison on their king’s enemies. Even now there is the traditional practice of toxicology that is being administered by several Vishavaidyas families (toxicology doctors) who claim that they are specialists in the branch of toxicology in the entire India.

Visha Chikitsa: Taking the Poison out the Body

Another branch of toxicology in Agad Tantra is Visha chikitsa or Damstra that deals with the different poison-cleaning methods that take out the poison or toxins from the body. It also works by recommending antidotes for specific poisons. It discusses the wide array of natural toxins coming from birds, animals and other insects. There are also plants that include aconite, belladonna, minerals, vegetables and artificial poisons made of poisonous medicines. This is the branch that also deals with water and air pollution.

Types of Poison

There are two basic types of poisons that are illustrated in the Agad tantra: artificial and natural poisons.

Natural ones are Sthaavara (inanimate) and Jangama (animate). The inanimate poisons are made of poisons that have herbal and mineral origins like metal ores or metals that are on earth. Animate toxins are made of venoms from snakes, scorpions, insects and worms. There are also artificial poisons which are made of combined inanimate and animate poisons.

Aside from the said poisons, there are also three samhitas illustrated in the Agad tantra, also including the disadvantages and description of food’s opposite characteristics, food causing and drugs chronic poisoning symptoms. There are also illustrations of certain poisons that were employed after quantification and processing, some precious stones like ruby and diamond and other poisoning minerals like mercury and lead. This aspect of Ayurveda also has data about fatal doses of different poisonous substances.


Discovering the power of Ayurveda in battling poisons is beneficial for all people. Agad Tantra deals with poisons causing chronic disorders which are at times fatal. Learn how Ayurveda paves the way for healing using the principles and teaching of Agad Tantra.


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