Overview of Antipyretic Drugs in Ayurveda


Antipyretic DrugsAntipyretics are drugs taken to treat conditions of pyrexia or high body temperature. There are different kinds of medicines known to stabilize a person’s temperature, and bring it back to normal.

Most commonly known ones are ibuprofen, andaspirin, and paracetamol. There are also herbal medicines that are known to reduce a high body temperature. Currently, the medical industry is still debating a to whether antipyretics are beneficial for us or not.
Antipyretic medicines are taken to treat an excessively high body temperature and reducing it to restore normal boy temperature. These are drugs that are used to prevent a feverish condition, and for bringing down the temperature of the body to its normal state. Most of them do not interfere with someone’s temperature if he is on a healthy condition.

Antipyretic Drugs in Ayurveda

These aim to eliminate the main cause of the body’s high temperature. When our body stops to sweat, it is Swedavrodha, which is the cause of the rise in temperature. Fasting namely Langhanam, and utilization of appetizers and other stimulants for digestion called paachan are suggest in case of a fever. Other antipyretic drugs in Ayurveda are used depending on the patient’s case.

How Antipyretic Drugs in Ayurveda Function

These drugs are acting by speeding up the heat which is radiating in the body and reducing hypothalamus activity. They are also stopping up the sweating action taking place in the body.

There are bitter tasting medicines that known to treat pyretic conditions and are used in different forms such as powder diet mixtures or pills. There are also herbal teas without tea leaves, and are made of herbs.

Antipyretic Drugs in Ayurveda

Here are some of the most common Antipyretic Drugs in Ayurveda:

  1. Shewats chandan
  2. Nimba
  3. Madan Phala
  4. Rakta chandan
  5. Arka
  6. Neelanjana
  7. Sanjivani Vati

These are among the hundreds of list of antipyretic drugs in Ayurveda, and are given based from the person’s case.

What Happens During a Fever?

When fever occurs the body tries to process the “ama” or toxins and shield itself. Because of this excess body heat ids produced that is tolerated by our body and doesn’t exceed body limit. In order to decrease the body temperature, people take some antipyretic drugs in Ayurveda that alters the process while our body at the same time uses all its power to eliminate “ama.”

Who are Prone to Fever?

Usually children are weak so they are most likely to have fever. Good thing that there are antipyretic drugs in Ayurveda and other dietary guidelines to strengthen and support their immune system. These herbal medicines are effective and reliable in treating fever, not just for children, but also for adults. Fever among children is associated with kapha dosha that has symptoms of nasal congestion, and poor appetite.

Here are other Tips from Ayurveda to Avoid Fever

Take enough rest.
Drink more water to eliminate the “ama.”
Take in ginger tea before going to bed.
Rub fresh onion juice around the navel.

Understanding antipyretic drugs in Ayurveda will help us get rid of fever easily, using traditional home remedies and herbs. The benefits of utilizing this traditional method may prove to be helpful especially if you’re after for a natural remedy for your or your child’s fever.


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