Low Sexual Stamina? Try Bajikaran (Science of Aphrodisiac)


Aphrodisiac or BajikaranBajikaran or Vajikarana deals with male impotency and is often used by men who are not successful in sex. It is also suited for a man who wants a natural and holistic approach to treating his sexual problem other than resulting to prescribed medicines.

Solving Male Impotency

The Ayurvedic Bajikaran treatment for men impotency uses different elements, herbs, animal products or a combination of these. They are often given in idravyas, churnas and tailas. However, there are other substances and recipes that may be utilized for this reason as well.

What is the Idea behind Bajikaran?

The concept of Bajikaran is helping a man in treating his low sexual stamina and boosting his energy like a horse. Bajikaran helps a man in increasing his appetite and stamina in bed.

This method of treatment, however, is not suitable for everyone. Only a faithful man is meant for this therapy since he is morally strong. It should not be administered in wild men with poor sexual behaviors.

How Bajikaran Works

Bajikaran works for a man in different ways, and not limited to teaching aphrodisiacs for him. A man undergoing Bajikaran treatment can also look forward for the following effects of Bajikaran:

Enhances health and well-being of a man for the elimination of impotency

Improves sexual capabilities and increases sexual vitality and vigor

Regulates the heart and blood circulation for good erection during a sexual encounter

Normalizes the blood sugar levels and other vital body components

Increases erection time, thus, avoiding premature ejaculation

Boosts one sexual performance and satisfaction as well as his partner

Other men would think that Bajikaran treatment is a well-rounded therapy because it concentrates on restoring the overall balance of one’s body. This is made possible if the three vital doshas are addressed.

Another important part of this treatment is enhancing a man’s happiness. It also works on the preparation and cleansing of the impurities for a better sexual performance.

The Procedure of Bajikaran

It is more than just being a physical therapy for men. Apart from being a science of aphrodisiac, it is also intending to heal a man holistically. To achieve the best results, however, a man needs to be dedicated and committed for the complete process of sexual healing.

It is not a strict discipline compare to others. It does, however, require some steps. For example, a man undergoing Bajikaran therapy must undergo a series of internal cleansing solutions before starting with this treatment process.

Modify Lifestyle

In order to get best results, a man must change his lifestyle as well—before, during and after.

In What Other Areas Can Bajikaran Help?

It is also recommended in curing different illnesses like infertility and other health conditions associated with a weak manhood leading to male impotence. This is usually recommended for people ages 16-70.

It aims to keep an optimal sexual activity and good semen production. Rejuvenation and detoxification are also encouraged in this therapy.

Important tip:

To achieve a more vigorous sexual stamina, stop smoking as it affects semen production and quality.


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