Overview:Bal Roga or Kumar Bhritya (Pediatrics)


Bal Roga or Kumar BhrityaKumar Bhritya or Bal Roga is a branch of Ayurveda that is dedicated in taking care of children. Since the early times, Ayurveda deals with different preparations for the child’s good health: intellectually and physically. Starting from infancy to adulthood, Ayurveda has special formulations on how to take care of children.

Dealing with the special care for children, Ayurveda gives due emphasis to baby care with the use of certain medications and tonics that can help build a kid’s immune system and intelligence.

The Influence of Bal Roga

Nowadays, many people are applying the principles of Ayurveda among their children through the use of medications and tonics to keep their kids healthy and strong.

Focus on Pediatric Care or Kumar Bhritya - Physical

Rather than using vaccination, Kashyap Samhita emphasizes on the natural means of building up a kid’s immunity and keeping the vitality among children through an oil massage, called snehana. The principles of Ayurveda believe that this is the best way to take care of children. Bala taila, the oil used for children, is the initial therapy that infants must be given after birth. Aside from increasing a baby’s immunity, snehana improves a child’s intelligence.

For the child’s skin, since it is more prone to allergies and other disorders unlike adults, there are essential oils used in massages and a medicated bath to keep a good child’s health condition. In addition, this aspect of Ayurveda believes in a good hygiene that plays a vital role for the general health of the baby, shielding him from infections and diseases. The mouth of the kid is cleansed especially after breastfeeding. There must also be clean clothes, bedding, and right child handling in order to keep him healthy and strong.

Focus on Pediatric Care or Kumar Bhritya - Psychological

It is also important to look after the mental aspect of the kid. The role of parents in this area is to protect their kids from emotional trauma as they grow. It is believed that it would properly ensure the right development of the child’s confidence in becoming a clever adult. Therefore, all the worries of a kid must be vanished. The best way to achieve this is through a good emotional support from parents. They must guide their kids and always give them all their emotional needs. Some known child’s fears are loneliness and darkness. To avoid these, parents must not introduce any forms of them to children. They must also keep a pleasant home environment to make children feel at ease.

Ayurvedic Healing Approach

Since the physical and psychological care for a kid must always be considered, there are certain tonics and vaccination that would be necessary to improve a kid’s health. Even if tonics are not all that matters for good health, they can be consumed regularly as supplements. In addition, these tonics are perfect for improving a kid’s concentration and intelligence. Tonics and rasayans such as the Chyavanprasha are recommended by Ayurvedic doctors. Svarna Bhasma is a good medicine for children when it is combined with the brahmi’s paste and administered with honey and ghee. It further improves a kid’s immunity when taken on a regular basis.


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