What is Grah or Bhoot vidya?


Bhoot vidyaIt is an Ayurvedic branch that works against mental disorders and is part of the eight branches of Ashtanga Ayurveda. Based from Ayurvedic scriptures found in ‘Graham Vidya Dravya,’ it deals on the medication of mental illness though the use of specified medicines, meditation and yoga.

Psychic Illnesses and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science of life that is known as the most advanced of all medical treatments. The Ayurvedic approach to healing has gained its popularity not just in Asia but also in the Western world as an alternative medicine and as a form of complimentary medicine as well.

Bhoot vidya is a psychotherapy that is also considered a modern method of dealing against mental problems. It involves psychotherapy, mind power and hypnotism.

Bhoot vidya and Graha Chikitsa

Graha chikitsa treats psychic illnesses with unknown causes. It is an Ayurvedic approach that works against the mental disorder which is caused by evil spirits and supernatural forces that are called bootas, ghosts or bad spirits. Another belief is that boota illustrates the bacteria or virus that is invisible for the human eye, causing abnormality to the psychological being of a person. Contemporary science calls such disease idiopathic illness because it has an unknown cause.

Bhoot vidya is the aspect of working against the diseases of the mind by eliminating the aspects that cause mind imbalance. The virus or bacteria that cause disruption in a person’s health involving his mind and body are referred to as bhoot, meaning a ghost. Bhoot vidya is the procedure of eliminating these forces which cause infection to help the body achieve an optimal health.

Main Causes of Mental Diseases

Ayurveda explains that the main cause of mental disorders is past karmas meaning “past deeds.” Bhoot vidya works against mental diseases that have unknown causes. Mind’s disturbance is then taken as the Tamasic (ignorance) and Rajasic (passion) forces of the mind. On the other hand, Bhoot vidya or Graha Chikitsa treats the same diseases that are in the Modern Psychiatry for diseases like insanity and epilepsy.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Bhoot vidya suggests the use of different disinfectant herbs in the category of “Graha vidya dravya.” This recommends the fumigation of the germs from the surroundings. This is done using small plant sticks with disinfecting characteristics like samidha to enhance the atmosphere around the patient. Apart from that, psychiatric treatment also involves chanting mantras, diet modification, and yogic treatments. Meditation and Pranayama mainly work on developing peace of mind.

Ayurvedic Reasoning on Mental Disorders

It believes that mental disorders are results of bad spirits like Deva, Asura, Pitara, Naga, Yaksha, and other bad spirits. Manatriks is a person who deals with extra-human elements like the spirits or devils of the dead. It is also said that such disturbances are caused by planetary movements.

Treating mental disorders naturally through the principles of Ayurveda still influence people from all over the world. Learning the relationship between Ayurvedic treatment and contemporary medicine can help a person in understanding the development of psychiatric medicine.


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