Checking Your Kapha: Learn What Works Well for You


KaphaKapha is one of the main components of Ayurveda, and this article will shed light about the significance of this constitution in a person’s life. The main attributes of Kapha are smooth, stable, slow, cool and heavy. It is also a constitution known to be cloudy, viscous and dense. So if you belong in this category, you mainly exhibit the said qualities in all aspect of your life: physically, emotionally, and mentally. These characteristics mainly comprise your whole being, and this will help you understand further your strengths and weaknesses.

What are the Characteristics of the Kapha Inidividuals?

People under this dosha have bodies with well-functioning joints, but when imbalanced, it will lead to build-up of mucous. They also have a cool temperament and a laid-back personality. They have cool skin, and they exhibit a grounded emotional and physical constitution. They are also sturdy and large; in effect some of them may be overweight or may have a feeling of heaviness or sluggishness within their thoughts. They move slowly, thus, manifesting a slow gait, and steady pace which can be maintained. When it is in excess, however, you may be used to a pattern that is not ideal for you. Kapha people are also kind-hearted that easily sympathizes among their friends.

Apart from that they also have a soft skin. These people are also known to be emotionally stable that their friends and loved ones can benefit from. Kapha people are great buddies to lean on, but in excess can lead to stubbornness. People who are experiencing an imbalance may be uninterested to any exercise or fitness routine. Since they are slow movers, they could also be inclined to staying in one position for hours. Physically, they have well-structured muscles and bones. They manifest a strong and stable stamina. When a person is physically oriented, the Kapha person can keep up with heavy exercises. They also have soft and beautiful hair.

How Do You Balance or Boost the Kapha?

As with the principles of Ayurveda, the qualities of the Kapha will boost Kapha in your mind, body and spirit. For instance, since Kapha is cool, wet and heavy, such factors like heavy foods, cold weather and wet seasons aim to increase the Kapha. Understanding this constitution will help you recognize what will work best for you if you belong in the Kapha category.

What are the Foods that Increase the Kapha?

Together with understanding the main attributes of this dosha, you must also determine the specific types of food that will decrease or increase the level of Kapha. Foods that are salty, sour and sweet boost the level of Kapha in the body by adding moisture and bulk in your mind and body.

On the other hand, bitter and astringent taste of food decreases the level of Kapha as they promote drying of the body and giving the opposite traits of the Kapha.

Understanding the characteristics of Kapha helps you determine what works best fro you in terms of climate, food and others. Kapha also manifest certain traits unique among people under this dosha.


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