Mouth Care (Gandusha or Kaval Dharnam): Essential for Your Health


Gandusha or Kaval DharnamAyurveda stresses on keeping clean mouth hygiene by performing kaval and Gandusha regularly. This is a form of mouth gargling, too that one can practice daily to avoid mouth problems.


This is a method of cleansing performed by someone through taking a large dose of fluid into his mouth wherein one is unable to move the fluid inside his mouth. A person must let the fluid stay on his mouth until the eyes and nose start watering. In this method, the fluid is penetrating the gum and oral mucous membrane by pressure and gives it a specific action. This method is not recommended for children below five years old.


This is the method of mouth cleansing wherein a person holds and moves slowly the semisolid fluid into his mouth. It gives a cooling and cleansing effect on the mouth.

Types of Kaval and Gandusha

  1. Shamana or prasaana (soothing). This the sugar or milk water with katu (bitter), madhur (sweet), kashaya (astringent) and sheet (cold) medications is employed for its soothing action for patients with pitta disorders of the mouth like stomatitis (much paak).
  2. Shodhana (cleansing. This is the decoction of the medicines with astringent (kashaya), pungent (tickt), sour (amal) and salty (lavan) with hot potency (ushan virya) taste that is utilized for its cleansing action in a patient with kapha illness or for people with stickiness of the mouth.
  3. Snehika (oily). This is the warm oil with a sweet (madhur) and salty (lavan) substance that are used Gandusha or kaval. It is useful for treatment of vata illness of the mouth and the diseases that are linked to the dryness and roughness of the mouth.
  4. Ropana (healing). This is the warm decoction of medications with sweet (madhur) and bitter (katu) taste (rasa) like mulethi (licorice) is combined with til tail (sesam oil) and is employed for curing mouth ulcers.

Oral hygiene is the right method of keeping your teeth, mouth, and gums healthy and clean all at the same time to avoid tooth decay and disorders of the gum. A good oral hygiene is the brushing the teeth, cleaning the tongue, flossing, and going to the dentist regularly.

Brushing your teeth daily is a preventative care because it can help remove plaque and avoid the formation of tartar. When you’re brushing, you have to bear in mind using toothpaste with fluoride along with a good bristled toothbrush for at least three times daily. If doable, brush your teeth after each meal or snack.

Effective Brushing

This can be done by cleaning the outer tooth surface, inner and outer tooth surface and the flat chewing surfaces of the back teeth. You also have to brush the tongue together with your teeth, as this can take out the bacteria and fungi from your mouth that can cause bad breath and dental problems. Also, keep in mind that when a toothbrush wears out, replace it.

Together with Gandusha and kaval, one must also brush his teeth at least three times a day to prevent the development of mouth diseases as well as bad breath. Keeping the mouth clean is a good way of staying healthy since it eliminates the accumulation of fungi and bacteria in the mouth.


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