Influence of the Vedas on Ayurveda: How Are They Linked to Each Other?


Vedas on AyurvedaMany people have been wondering what the influences of the Vedas on the Ayurveda. These two, however, have a very significant association with each other. We are going to discuss in this article how the two are closely related.

What are Vedas?

Vedas are ancient doctrines made thousands of years ago, and it originated in India. These are great teaching of knowledge on the earth. There are four major types of Veda: Yajurveda, Sama Veda, Atharvana Veda and Rig Veda Under each of them is a sub veda.

Vedas are the most ancient scripture of the religion, Hinduism which are made and gathered into four collections as mentioned earlier. They are not a part of any revelation of a God as the scriptures of the Western religion. It is not like the Holy Bible which is composed by revelations of God to people.

Their main goal is to teach people on how to understand life on earth and their existence gathered from a communion with the cosmos, spiritual forces and general. Vedas are written in Sanskrit, the holy language used traditionally in ancient Iran. Sanskrit is used in Avesta, a sacred language in the religion, Zoroastrianism. Because of this, there are some terms closely resembling each other in Sanskrit and Avesta. Apart from some structure similarities, there are also concepts which are related to one another in the said languages.

What does “Veda” Mean?

“Knowledge and scared love” is the translation of veda in Sanskrit. Now that we know the origin of the veda, let us find out some of the basic principles on what influence of the Vedas on Ayurveda.

Hindus believe that the Rig Veda is where the other three branches are based, and it is also the most basic. Many Indians of the ancient world, until now, depend more on the Upanishads other than the Vedas. However it is not the same for people who are members of the Arya-Samaj.

Let us now discuss the Ayurveda…

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda is the union of the word “ayus,” life and “veda,” wisdom based from science,.” Together they mean the wisdom of life or science of life. Charaka, an ancient scholar suggests that the mind, soul and body comprise the “ayu.”

Ayuverda is a system that utilizes ancient teachings of earth and nature aiming to keep a person’s good health by keeping is mind, soul and body in balance. Ayurveda is the oldest method of healthcare in the world, and it is the comprehensive healthcare system that rooted back in India for many years ago.

The influence of the Vedas on Ayurveda can be seen on the ancient scriptures of the Hindus which contain the Vedas, an ancient collection of data of wisdom. The Rig Veda, on the other hand, is a series of recommendations and prescriptions aiming to aid humans to prevent or treat different illnesses. Ayurveda helps people maintain a balance in his life; mind, body and soul utilizing ancient teachings and wisdom found in the Vedas.


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