Lakhsnam of Saddvritta


Lakhsnam of SaddvrittaIn achieving peace, it is important to achieve the balance of mind and body. The Lakhsnam of saddvritta is divided into five categories.

Divisions of Saddvritta

These are five of the main divisions of saddvritta that will be helpful for the person’s well-being.

  1. Mansika Saddvritta (Mental Conduct). This works in promoting a person’s self-awareness especially when it comes to his intellectual being. It is also teaching people to know their worth in the society by recognizing their responsibilities and commitment for their family, friends, and among themselves.
  2. Vyavaharika Saddvritta (Ethical Conduct. This teaches people to behave well according to what is right or wrong. Speaking calmly and gently will promote a person’s balanced mind and body. This instills the value of having the right manners and recognizing what’s right and what’s wrong for other people. Thinking on how a deed could benefit other people and the person himself in the long run is another value that the Vyavaharika Saddvritta teaches.

Samajika Saddvritta (Social Conduct). This teaches us on how to help and be worthy of the society where we belong in. People must be careful as to not hurt other people’s feelings.

Dharmika Saddvritta (Moral Conduct). This teaches people on how to be morally upright and live up to moral standards. Even if a person stands alone for his right choice, he must keep it.

Sharirika Saddvritta (Physical Conduct). This promotes good hygiene among people and how they can take care of their physical being. Keeping one’s personal appearance and grooming matters in having a more fulfilled life.

The Lakhsnam of Saddvritta covers all the five aspect that people can implement in their lives to have a more pleasurable and healthier one.

Benefits of Saddvritta

The benefits of Saddvritta in our lives cover all vital aspects in our life.

Socially, a person will become more satisfied in his relationships as Lakhsnam discusses about it. A person keeping up with social standards are happier since they communicate and deal among their peers properly.

Physically, someone will become healthier as he keeps himself well-groomed and tidy most of the time. Taking care of the body without indulging much on sensory pleasures will make a person joyful and contented.

Intellectually, Lakhsnam tells us that if we would follow Saddvritta, we are going to be self-aware of our existence, thus, valuing our lives even more. Knowing someone’s purpose in life will help him clearly define his worth as a person.

Morally, someone will be righteous and learn what’s harmful and beneficial for him and for others. Being morally correct even if you know that it’s not the choice of the majority will make a person more satisfied by knowing that it is the right choice.

Spiritually, a person nourishing not only his physical being but also his spiritual life is more satisfied with his life compare to other people. He is more divine for God, thus, he experiences more pleasure in whole life.

Lakhsnam discusses what we have to know about Saddvritta. Learning how to value others and yourself by behaving, speaking and acting well are all beneficial for everyone.


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