Understanding Mansik Saddvritta or Healthy Mind


Healthy MindA sound mental health is not just the absence of any mental disorders, but also the ability to keep up with the challenges one is encountering in his life. Your mental health is as important as your physical health, because you can’t function or work properly if you don’t think well.

Mansik Saddvritta teaches people on how to have the correct mental conduct. It believes that the good health of one’s mind is essential for a better life. People cannot be productive in school or at work if they don’t have a sound mind. If they are having problems on their mind such as depression and anxiety, they cannot perform well in anything they undertake.

How to Apply Mansik Saddvritta in Your Life

This principle believes that a person must always be aware of himself and his intellectual attitude. Always think of your responsibilities and your purpose in life. Always assess eternal side, mind and body. Keep a balance in materialism and spiritual life.

Think of God as the creator and the supreme being of power. Have faith in Him and live up to his expectations. Keep in mind that he has the control on all your activities and everything happening on earth. Keep your devotion and faith on him at all times.

Join religious activities and go to church, shrines or other worshipping places. You also have to read spiritual books that are the food of the soul. Listen to spiritual discussions (pravachan). Meditate regularly to analyze yourself. Chant shlokaas and mantras for garnering positive energies.

Why Apply Mansik Saddvritta

As mentioned earlier, having a good mental health is not only the absence of mental disorders, but also your survival ability. Since there are issues and problems in school, home, or work that you may encounter in your daily life. Fighting stress, anxiety and depression is possible if you’re keeping a sound mental health.

You must always be aware of your intellectual behavior as to your responsibilities and commitment in life. You can perform these correctly if you have a healthy mind.

In addition, you will also become a more effective father, mother, son or daughter for your family if you’re free from any negative thoughts. What you think often reflects in your actions so when you’re disturbed, you might not be effective in the tasks you do.

Other Methods in Developing a Healthy Mind or Mansik Saddvritta

Relax. Give yourself a break to keep you stress-free. Take a time off from work. Pamper yourself to keep your mind healthy.

Diet. Have a healthy diet. Employ discipline on yourself when it comes to eating habits. Since Mansik Saddvritta believes in the holistic approach to keeping your mind healthy, be mindful of what you take in.

Avoid bad habits. Quit smoking and drinking. Refrain from bad vices that don’t do any good for you. This action will help you develop a good mental conduct.

Develop a healthy and active mind by following above tips. Having a good Mansik Saddvritta is essential to having a healthier and longer life.


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