Mukha-hasta-pada Prakshalan, Mukha dhavanam (Cleaning Your Body and Its Parts)


Body CleaningRight after defecation, it has been said that the hands and feet must be thoroughly cleaned with water and soap in preventing any kinds of smell and infection. A person must clean his body correctly after removing his waste from the eyes, nose, ears, hair, before and after eating, after waking up, before worshipping and after coming home from the outside.

People must always perform Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam. This is to eliminate the dirt from his body has accumulated from doing his activities. It is important to take a shower daily. There are many benefits of doing it and we’re going to discuss them in this article. Here are some advantages of performing Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam.

Better Blood Circulation

A shower makes the blood rush to your skin, and cool water rush blood to your organs. The change in temperature your body is experiencing allows blood to be properly circulated in all parts of your body. This will force the blood to move to all parts of your body. Taking a shower is ideal for the body since it triggers the change in temperature that will activate the blood to be transported to every cell of your body. A good blood circulation will help you prevent hypertension, hardening arteries, and appearance of the awful varicose veins. Good blood flow can help you improve your performance at school or at work. This will improve your body system and help you feel better.

Better Skin

Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam opens up your skin pores. When you wash and cleanup your pores, you’ll feel better. After taking a shower, your pores close and are away from dust and dirt you accumulate from your daily activities. Skipping a shower will cause skin imperfections like acne. Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam also reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes and reduces the swelling from your skin. Taking a shower will help you achieve a healthy glow with a youthful appearance.

Better Hair

Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam makes your hair healthier and shinier. Taking a daily bath will improve the appearance of your hair. It closes your hair cuticle which makes your hair stronger. It also prevents dirt from clogging up your scalp. The same principle of closing your pores is done by a daily shower. You will achieve a stronger and healthier hair once your practice Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam daily. It will prevent hair fall, thus, reducing hair from falling after combing. You will prevent hair loss if you’ll wash your body daily.

Better Mental Health

There are many mental benefits that taking a shower is doing for you. In the olden times, the samurais used to pour on buckets of cold water onto their head every morning. They believed that this will cleanse their spiritual being. They believed that by taking a shower will help them face new adventures for the day. Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam invigorates your whole body. It brings god essence in your being. You will feel more alive if you perform Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam every morning. This will also help you feel more alive to start your day.

These are some of the benefits of Mukha-hasta-pada prakshalan, mukha dhavanam in your life. Practice it daily and feel more alive.


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