The Night Regimen Nidra (Good Night Sleep) of Successful People


night regimen NidraNight Regimen Nidra is one of the most important pillars of anyone’s life. Sleeping is essential for us to live a balanced life. As we recognize, sleeping is when we recharge our batteries. It is the physiological condition of the body, sense and motor organs and mind. When the brain is tired and exhausted, our sense organs get distracted and lose focus in what we are doing. When a person feels sleepy at work or in school, can you imagine the impact it would bring regards the results of his work.

6 classifications of night regimen Nidra

Based from charak, there are six classifications of night regimen Nidra. Here is the list:

  1. Tamobhava. This is the result of tamas. When it dominates, one can easily go to sleep without any awareness. In the absence of knowledge, a person can send himself to sleep because of tamas domination.
  2. Manah sharer-shrama-sambhav. This is the sleep caused by the over exhaustion of the mind and body. When a person is over fatigued, he can easily go to sleep.
  3. Shelshma samudbhava. This is the sleep caused by too much kapha. The increased levels of kaphas result to sensory obstruction and sleepiness.
  4. Agantuki. This is the unnatural or unexpected sleep. If someone is repeatedly feeling sleepy without a cause, it is usually a bad sign. Most probably, this is the sign disturbance in the sleep center.
  5. Vyadhyanuvartini. This is the sleep because of the illness state. There are kapha disorders that cause oversleeping, while there are disorders in vata and pitta that decreases a person’s sleep.
  6. Ratrisvabhava-prabhava. This is the natural sleep. It is the form of sleeping that comes naturally in a person. This is when his body and mind is totally in a relaxed state.

How to Have a Good Night Sleep

Before going to sleep, relax and feel comfortable about yourself. Offer prayers for God. Wash yourself. Prepare your bed by cleaning and putting a clean bed sheet on it. The bed should have the right length that will encourage proper breathing, too. Remember to align your head in the east (purva) or south (dakshin) direction. Think of a religious message before going to sleep.

Importance of Night Regimen Nidra

Sleeping help our body to be in its recharge state after a long day of work. When a person gets an adequate amount of sleep, he can perform better the next day.

Since sleeping is also a way to repair damaged cells, a person having a good night regimen Nidra can live healthier. Because his cells are healthier than those of other people, he can live a disease-free life.

Sleeping also makes someone feel better. This can help him get through his day without losing concentration. It is the best way on how to stay in shape, too. If you get an adequate amount of sleep the other night, you’ll be more productive the next day.

Get the right amount of Night Regimen Nidra. You can experience cool change in your life by sleeping sufficiently. Face the day ahead with vigor and energy.


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