Are You A Pitta? If So, What Characteristics is Common of You: Find out Here!


PittaPart of the three components of dosha is the Pitta that has energy elements derived from water and fire. It mainly represents transformation of an individual. The two elements mentioned plays a great deal in the optimal health of an individual governed by Pitta.

What Ayurveda Believes About Energy Transformation

According to the ancient teaching of life, Ayurveda, energy forces are vital in the regulation of one’s psychological and physiological attributes. Pitta is one of the primary Dosha or force of energy in a person’s body.

What Pitta Does for Well-Being of a Person?

Pitta is the force made up of water and fire. This is ensuring that person is well-protected from harm. It is the dosha that guarantees the body’s natural defense mechanism is in balance. It is also meant to teach people how imbalance is affected by the relationship of water and fire. Pitta makes certain that the body has a strong immune system and that he has a good mental health. Apart from that, Pitta manages one’s metabolic processes by being responsible for body temperature, digestion and assimilation and absorption.

What Does Pitta Represents?

This dosha is representing transformation, as the primary elements, fire and water, aiming to manage each other in keeping a balance. The Pitta dosha manages the gall bladder, liver, skin and eyes. Pitta promotes comprehension, internal joy, understanding and intelligence when it is in a balanced condition. However when there are imbalances, it leads to anxiety, restlessness, hate, jealousy, anger and other negative thoughts. Obviously Pitta helps us to have a better outlook in life whereas when it is not in good harmony, there would be depression, stress and anxiety.

What Practitioners Emphasize About Herbal Teas

Ayuverda giver much important to the utilization of herbal tea that promotes calming and cooling feeling, incorporating raspberry leaves, hibiscus, peppermint, lemon, peach and tulsi, as variants. All of these herbs are effective in promoting the balance of the Pitta. The consumption of herbal tea mainly aims to detoxify the body. Detoxification results to optimal health since toxins, known to cause diseases are eliminated from the body. the use of tea is said to balance the function of the mind and the stomach.

Who are Pitta Inidividuals?

People who are governed with the characteristics of Pitta are said to have medium height and they have a moderate muscle sixe and structure. Their complexion is coppery and their hair is reddish. Their skin is typically oily, warm and soft. They have a fine textured hair which is prone to early graying or balding.

Folks under this dosha have an excellent digestion and metabolism, and they are more likely to consume more food than other groups. Since they have a good digestion, they don’t usually encounter problems in removing their waste. They like desserts and bitter foods. Skipping meals is not part of their vocabulary, and they get really irritate when they skip meals. They also perspire heavily that eventually increases their appetite for water and other liquids. They do not stand well in hot weather condition and they easily get annoyed by this high temperature. They are also passionate, courageous, ambitious and strong-willed. They have a very powerful mind and they make good leaders.

Summer is what cause imbalance in the health of Pitta people, and they can easily get sick in this season. As a solution, methods like body massages, yoga and meditation are helpful for them. Herbal teas also help them reduce stress and promote balance in their lives.


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