What is Rasayan (Science of Rejuvenation)?


RejuvenationThese days when stress is one of the main causes of diseases, it is important to know how the branch Rasayan Chikitsa can help. This is another essential branch of Ayurveda that mainly focuses in achieving a healthy and long life. It involves longevity, health youthfulness, improved memory, complexion, glow, strength and senses.

How Rasayan Works

It improves the body’s metabolic processes and leads to biotransformation. The Rasayan is a rejuvenating method that promotes the body’s rejuvenation especially for a healthy person and treats a sick one.

The Philosophy of Ayurveda about Rasayan

Ayurveda is aiming to promote a good health other than just curing a disease. It is an active process towards achieving this principle. It suggests the cure for repairing the body’s wear and tear that is commonly happening as a person comes of age. It is helpful for everyone since it can help slow down the aging process.

It can rejuvenate the body’s tissues for keeping a person’s youthful glow. This works holistically by promoting not only the physical aspect but also the mental and spiritual development of a person. Therefore, this process of rejuvenation brings back the natural loss of youthfulness. Because of this, aging process is put in a slow phase.

Rasayan boosts immune system and the vital forces involving life. For this reason, Rasayan chikitsa promotes a person’s good health or establishes a damaged mental or physical health. Jara chikitsa is composed of a strict diet. Haritaki, amalaki, brungaraj, chitraka, ashwagandha, punarnava and trifala are only few of the herbs used that are called Rasayankar.

Other Effects of Rasayan Medicine

It is also believed that these medicines have aphrodisiac characteristics as well. In short, this branch of Ayurveda also deals with the soul’s rejuvenation. It can provide a disease-free and long life to a person who undergoes a serious medical treatment, as these medicines help him go back to normal.

Three forms of Rasayan

Rasayan is a branch of Ayurvedic healing deals with nutrition promotion using different methods.

  1. Improving agni such as metabolism and digestion through the pippali and bhallataka that leads to better nutrition.
  2. Promoting srotas’ capability channels in the person’s body by using herbs like tulsi and guggulu.
  3. Enriching nutritional intake of the body by adding up milk, satavarai and ghee in one’s diet.

Types of Rasayan

First type. It is primarily for humans who cannot keep up in long hours and lack effort and enthusiasm in their lives. This will work well for people who are burnt out of their jobs. Their bodies need rejuvenation to bring back the vigor and vitality in their lives. These patients are given instructions on how to apply the Rasayan in their daily living. In this procedure, these people are undergoing a diet and lifestyle modification. The medicines for the therapy are selected carefully depending on the patient’s condition, age, prakruti (constitution), living habits and sex.

Second type. It is a more complex procedure that involves the total transformation of a person’s body. During the process, the person is isolated from the rest of their family and lives in a kuti (hut), which is particularly designed for the Rasayan. The Ayurvedic doctor then obesves the changes taking place in the person as he progresses in the treatment. The patient’s lifestyle is monitored. It is said that after the treatment, the patient will become a newly-transformed individual with a body totally rejuvenated with new tissues.

Experience the reinvigoration of the soul with the Rasayan Chikitsa. Learn how it can benefit you today.


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