What is Saddvritta (Ethical Regimen)?


Ethical RegimenAyurveda is the science of life that deals with the holistic healing of a person. It is not a simple therapy but it involves a system. It aims to help people achieve a better life in the society through the promotion of better living standards.

Ayurveda emphasizes on keeping a healthy lifestyle and an ideal living situation to prevent imbalances that are created within the body and the environment, thus, enabling homeostasis in the body. In keeping the body’s ideal state, a person has to follow a good schedule and a healthy lifestyle which does not only help in building a better person but also a better society.

What is Saddvritta?

It comes from two words “Sadd” which means good and vritta which means solution. It is keeping the perfect balance between the mind and body. It is an all-around science that promotes the total harmony of the body system where people socialize and live.

Purpose of Saddvritta

It aims to develop the right balance between one’s mind and body for the growth of a person. They say that a healthy mind is equal to a healthy body. There are three major types of mansik bhav (mind expression) in Saddvritta. They are rajsik, tamasik and satwik.

Among these three, it has been said that the satwik is the most powerful since it can help a person achieve an eternal power. Tamas and rajas are destructive mind characteristics that make wrong judgment and are resulting to various types of diseases. People need specific codes that are gained by doing Saddvritta in increasing your satwik mind quality.

Benefits of Saddvritta

A person who behaves nicely is more divine for God. He has a more fruitful life and escapes the cycle of birth and death. Someone who is kind to other people is giving charity donations, controlling his actions, body, mind and speech and treating everyone equally. If a person will follow the rules of Saddvritta, he would achieve a healthier and a longer life.

A person having a good behavior is helpful for his family and to the society he belongs in. He can deliver at work or school well. He can live with his family harmoniously. All these benefits and more are achieved by a person who implements Saddvritta in his life.

How Saddvritta Can Helps the Society

  • When the society is flooded with good people who behave accordingly, there will be no conflicts in the world; however, it is hard to achieve because each of us has our own preference and decisions in life.
  • If you want to make the difference in your own way, try to employ the principles of Saddvritta in your life. Being properly mannered all the time will not only benefit you, but also your family and friends.
  • Developing a good behavior and personality brings light in one’s life since it promotes a better health and relationship among one’s family and friends.
  • Discover how you can apply Saddvritta in your way of life. Know the basics and benefits of it for you.


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