Discover How Samajika Saddvritta Can Help You Live a Healthier Life


Samajika SaddvrittaMaintaining the perfect harmony and balance of the mind and body are the two main purposes of the teachings of Samajika saddvritta. It is the science that deals with the development for the overall balance in the entire system where a person is living and socializing.

Samajika saddvritta believes that the right social conduct is also vital in the well-being of an individual. The elimination of the tamas and the rajas are considered because they are resulting to the wrong judgment of an individual using his mind, thus, leading to physical and mental disorders. We need to establish the right practice of the Samajika saddvritta to increase the quality of the mind.

What is Samajika Saddvritta?

It is the social conduct that one must implement in his daily life. This values the respect for other people’s feelings in order to reflect a good behavior. A feeling of anger, hatred, envy and other negative feelings should be avoided. By doing this, other people will gain respect of you.

How to Communicate with Other People as per Samajika Saddvritta

You must always be polite and soft when you speak and deliver your message direct to the point as to avoid any misunderstanding. Make other people get across your meaning easily by speaking in all honesty. Do not try to criticize or comment negatively on other people especially if it’s because of jealousy or envy.

Always speak to your heart. Never tell a lie just to please them. By being honest to others, you are honest to yourself. Respect your teachers and elderly people. Never engage in arguing or quarreling with them. If there’s need for clarification, be sure to utter your thoughts in all politeness and respect on them. Never say abusive words to anybody. Never tell anyone about your insult. Refrain from moving your hands and feet or other body parts when conversing with others. Don’t insult, speak harsh or rude to people below you.

Be Happy for Others as explained in Samajika Saddvritta

Don’t feel jealous about other’s happiness or success. Never be envious of the success of other people. Instead you have to figure out their formula to succeed and implement it in your life. Devise your own ways on how to become successful like them. Never excuse your loved ones or children if they committed a mistake, but punish them fairly. This will make them a better person. Always be supportive of the poor and provide them equal opportunity on how to be progressive in life. Think wisely before doing anything, whether it will be beneficial for the majority or not. In short, don’t be selfish. Think whether your deed will harm others or not.

Keep Clean with Samajika Saddvritta

Keep a good hygiene and put on perfumes and other aromatic substances in your body. Maintain cleanliness in your appearance. In addition, avoid pricking any of your body parts like your nose in front of other people. Cover your mouth when you’re yawning, coughing, sneezing and belching. Don’t bite nails, prick teeth, scratch head, and make sounds when eating or munching food. Refrain from speaking while eating. Also, don’t spit anywhere.

Samajika Saddvritta and Wear Attitude

You have to be respectful of ladies and never maltreat or treat them in a rude or malicious manner. Never glance at naked women or those who are in awkward condition. Always respect women.

Think Family in Samajika Saddvritta

Always keep your family intact by taking care of them all the time. Always show love and care for them. Do your best to provide them with their needs. Be truthful and faithful to your partner.

Keep these good social conducts in mind and live a better life.


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