Shalakya Tantra (eye, ear, nose and throat related science)


Shalakya TantraShalakya tantra is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with the diagnosis, etiology, prognosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the eyes, ears, nose and throat. It works on these body parts. The name of this branch is mainly the result of the overuse of “Shalaka,” probing.

However, in the Southern part of India, it is called the Urdhwangchikitsa. It can be broken into Urdhwang (parts of the body around the shoulder) and Chikitsa (treatment).

Types of Probe in Shalakya Tantra

There are several types of probing that are implemented in this branch. Some of them are the eye’s probe (netra shalaka), nose’s probe (nasa shalaka), ear’s probe (karna shalaka), throat’s probe (much shalaka) and lip’s probe (oshta shalaka).

The procedure of the Shalakya tantra comes with several methods that are applicable in the treatment of all problems. The main areas of it are illustrated in the old Ayurvedic scripture like the Sushrut Sanhita, Ashtang Hruday and Charak Sanhita.

These are dealing with the treatment of different diseases of glaucoma and conjunctivitis, with surgical procedure of cataract removal and plastic surgery like auroplasty and rhinoplasty. In addition to the mentioned complicated disorders, there are three samhitas- Susruta, Charaka and Astanga Hridaya that recommend basic home treatments for minor diseases like eye dryness, migraine, moth ulcers and ear wax.


There are about 72 eye diseases are tackled by Sushrut Sanhita involving surgical procedures for eye cataracts, pterygium, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and pre-glaucomatic condition and other eye diseases. This branch, however, doesn’t work alone in the problem and the treatment, but also on general areas.

Shalakya tantra for the eye also deals with the whole structure of your eyes including all sensitive aspect to work on same as in the modern science. There are surgeries like auraplasty and rhinoplasty that are also discussed for cosmetic reasons. The three books such as the Sushurut Samhita, Charak Samhita and Ashtang Samghrah, are also mentioning natural methods about medical care of the eye and ENT structure. Moreover, the Shalakya tantra listed 25 ear diseases, 18 nose diseases, 11 lips diseases, 1 lymph glands disease, 23 teeth diseases, 6 tongue diseases, 8 palate diseases and others.


Generally people depend on Ayurveda when they are stressed of trying other methods of healing. In addition, they find the teachings of Ayurveda in holistic healing when they lose hope in recovery. They consider Ayurveda as the “mother of all healing” that is helpful for them in having a healthy and long life.

If you are thinking of applying Shalakya tantra in your life, it is necessary to understand the basic principles that come along with it. There are Ayurvedic doctors who apply the teachings of Ayurveda in holistic healing.

This holistic healing is a good approach is practicing the natural methods of curing a disease of the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Shalakya tantra deals with the natural means of treating disorders that are affecting these body parts.

Find out how Shalakya tantra can benefit you today by consulting an Ayurvedic doctor in your locality.


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