Sharir-chinta Nivartanam (Care of the Body)


Sharir-chinta NivartanamThere are some rules and ways that have to be considered while rising early in the morning. When you get up in Brahma muhurat, it has to be observed and analyzed that the nourishment from food the previous night is properly digested. If you think that the food is not well-digested, you shouldn’t get up at the same moment, but wait until you feel comfortable. That is why you have to think of taking in fruits when you had six hours of sleep.

Sharir-chinta Nivartanam is very important. These days, we have many responsibilities that we often neglect ourselves. It is difficult to prioritize our own like taking a shower when you have to get other things done. Taking care of oneself, however, is important, too. It is an aspect of managing stress. For instance, soaking in a tub will help you revitalize in and out. Taking some time off for yourself is like treating your body as your temple.

Sharir-chinta Nivartanam is an essential aspect of life that you must also take care of. Even if you’re busy, you still have to value your own being by taking care of it properly. There are many benefits of Sharir-chinta Nivartanam in your life.

Physical Health

Even if self-pampering is not bringing any major improvements in your general health compare to exercise or diet, the rest and relaxation you achieve from it can benefit your relaxation response that can help you stay out of diseases. Illnesses can be prevented if you’re going to take some time off for yourself.

Emotional Health

Sharir-chinta Nivartanam helps you in thinking that yours and others needs are important in your life. Having a well-nourished and well-taken care of body will make you feel better about yourself and your existence here on earth. This will convey to other people that you value yourself. It will help in contributing to your well-being and long term feelings.

Makes You a Better Caregiver

People who ignore themselves and forget to value themselves as important beings are at risk of sadness, resentment, and low self-esteem. Sometimes people who only take care of other people are always burned out in giving care. This is because they fail to take care of themselves first. It is difficult to give your all when you can’t even spend time in pampering yourself. You will become a better caregiver once you learned on how to value yourself first before other people.

You can take a few hours in the spa or massage to pamper yourself. You will find it very fulfilling that you have some time alone for yourself without any distractions. You can manage your stress better if you’ll do this.


Sharir-chinta Nivartanam is a great way to break free from stress, pressure, and other negative thoughts you’re feeling in your life. Soaking yourself in a warm tub can make you feel that you’re like escaping from reality even for a short time. By doing this, you can relieve yourself from stress. This is also a great relaxation experience for your tired body. Having a little time to relax can make you feel that you’re also important. This will keep you away from stress.

These are some of the advantages of Sharir-chinta Nivartanam in your life. You will feel the difference once you first learned on how to take care of yourself before taking care of other people. You will become a more effective caregiver, father, mother, or boss if you’re going to take some time alone for yourself.


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