Understanding Tambula Bhakshanam


betel leafChewing of the beetle leaf is included in the teachings of Ayurveda in having a better life. In India, it is known as the Tambula bhakshanam practice. The tambula is moderately prepared by spreading sugandhit (scented), kashaya (astringent) and pungent (tickt) substances on a few tambul patra (beetle leaf). Then, these leaves have to be folded and kept in the person’s mouth. The person has to chew them slowly. They say that it has a cleansing effect on the mouth. It works by eliminating bad breath and other foul odors from the mouth. Aside from that, it has a tonic effect as well. This is done regularly especially by people with mouth problems.

Apart from the beetle leaf, other plants are used for this intention like the jatiphal (Myristi cafragrans), kapur (Cinnamomum camphora), supari (areca catechu, lata kasturi), Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum), kankol (piper cubeba) which are often combined with Tambula patra. In addition to taking out the foul odor form the mouth, this practice is also known to treat other diseases like the (bleeding or hemorrhages), uru shat, moorcha (fainting), raktpitta, sheen (weak), shosh (tuberculosis) and visha vicar (poisoning).

When to Perform Tambula Bhakshanam

According to the teachings of Ayurveda, it has to be done after rising up in the morning, after lunch and dinner, after taking a shower, before and after sexual activities and after vomiting.

Tambula Bhakshanam Together with Other Remedies

Now let us discuss how this practice can work for you if you have mouth disorders. If you already have halitophobia and want to know how to cure your bad breath, you can perform Tambula bhakshanam. Surely, there are many remedies out there for this problem but not all of them are effective. Perhaps many of them are also harmful for your health because they are made of chemicals. Practicing a natural way to cure bad breath is beneficial for your body since you will not encounter any side effects.

Having a bad breath is embarrassing because it can cause people to stay away from you. Because of this, you will have lack of self-esteem. If you don’t have enough confidence on yourself because of bad breath, it’s time to practice Tambula bhakshanam.

Bad breath is highly curable using natural solutions like the Tambula bhakshanam. A natural remedy for bad breath like it wills hell you in many ways in fighting off bad breath and bringing back your self-confidence.

Aside from Tambula bhakshanam, you can also eliminate bad breath by practicing good mouth hygiene. Of course, you have to brush your teeth three times daily and go to your dentist regularly for an oral checkup. You also have to do flossing on your mouth after each meal to prevent the accumulation of food in between your teeth. This is what cause tooth decay for most people. You can also use a tongue scraper to eliminate the germs in your tongue, thus, promoting a clean oral hygiene. If you have dentures, you also have to clean them regularly to prevent bacteria accumulation.

You can also use mouthwash for gargling. This is very helpful since most of them have bacteria fighting triclosan, zinc gluconate, chlorhexidine and chlorine dioxide. Some of them also have essential oils that can further promote good mouth hygiene.


Taking care of your mouth with Tambula bhakshanam together with other remedies is helpful in preventing mouth diseases and keeping a germ-free mouth.


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Tambula Bhakshanam

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