What is Vaiyaktika Saddvritta?


Proper Hygiene Vaiyaktika saddvrittaPart of the teachings of saddvritta is to have the right physical conduct. It is called Vaiyaktika saddvritta. It involves personal conduct physically which has to be carried out by a person. There are few physical conducts that a person must always implement in his life.

Proper Hygiene - Vaiyaktika saddvritta

What of the most practical and applicable benefits of Vaiyaktika saddvritta is taking care of one’s personal appearance, especially by maintaining a clean hygiene.

Cut your hair every fourth night and nails every fifth day. Also, a person must always clean his nose and ears. You also have to wash your genitals after sexual intercourse. Apart from that, take a bath. Avoid looking at the sun directly. Wear sandals which are helpful for the skin. Always wear aromatic scents. It is also useful to wear rudraksh and other precious stones which are beneficial, too since they can give mystic power against illnesses.

Respect and Vaiyaktika saddvritta

As Ayurveda’s and Vaiyaktika saddvritta teaches holistic approach to healing, a person must also develop his good ethics that involves respecting the elders saints, God, parents and teachers. People must also respect animals and plants. Never be rude to any other them. Always be respectful to all living creatures.

Sense Organs through Vaiyaktika saddvritta

People also have to take care of their sense organs. Our sense organs tend to be unhappy in terms of keeping them clean. Even if one manages to give each sense satisfaction, he fails short of keeping them clean and tidy. Most people indulge in sensory pleasure like listening to good music, watching movies and other activities that can entice the senses.

Because of these sensory activities, these senses are often abused and overused that lead to poor health. For instance, watching television for many hours during the day or working with computers for long hours is two of the main activities that can disturb health.

Simply put, based from principles of Vaiyaktika saddvritta, don’t become a slave of your activities and improve the health of your sense organs. Do not suppress them. Don’t overuse your sense organs and take control of your activities.

Clothing based on Vaiyaktika saddvritta

The main purpose of vesh bhusha or clothing is to protect us from the cold or hot environment. It also protects us from dirt and dust from the surroundings. In summer, wear light clothes that will be comfortable for the hot weather. As much as possible, you must wear white and thin clothes. During the rainy days, wear white or yellow clothes. In winter, wear yellow or red clothes. For spring, put on dark or red clothes. In general, a person must wear soft, white clothing because they reflect happiness, wealth, longevity, modesty, and success.

Foot Care depending on Vaiyaktika saddvritta

According to the teachings of Vaiyaktika saddvritta, a person must also take care of his feet. There are methods to take care of the foot (danda upanaha dharnam). It is always advised that a person must wear foot protection like shoes, sandals and chappals when they travel. This is to ensure that your foot is always protected. When one travels to the forest, he must also carry a cane with him for self-defense.

These are some of the basic aspects of Vaiyaktika saddvritta that someone must apply for his life. Following them is a practical solution on how to behave correctly physically which is also part of saddvritta.


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