What is Vyavaharika Saddvritta (Ethical Conduct)?


What is Vyavaharika Saddvritta (Ethical Conduct)?

Vyavaharika SaddvrittaWell-mannered people are often admired by many. They stand out among the crowd because of their pure heart, truthfulness and good behavior. Many people like them for their sincerity and calmness under all situations. People with good behavior are considered kind by others. Since they can control their temper and keep a low voice when speaking, they rarely get into trouble.

Keeping out of trouble is easy if you are well mannered and implements Vyavaharika Saddvritta in your life. People who get into problems are the ill-tempered, the panicky individual, the rude and others.

There are ways to develop a good ethical conduct that we are going to discuss in this article. Here is a list on how to improve yours.

How to Develop Vyavaharika Saddvritta

Always ask someone politely and avoid being rude.

Perform meditation regularly.

Control your passion and obsession.

Be calm and patient. Avoid being overly excited

Be honest in speaking and always tell the truth.

Under all situations, don’t lose your temper.

Be straightforward.

Behave based from the situation.

Don’t be addicted to sensory pleasures.

Don’t harm anyone.

At all times, stay calm.

Share your knowledge.

Help other people.

Manage time properly for devotion to God, wise men, elderly people and respectable ones.

Always be courteous.

Think about the pros and cons of something before doing it.

Developing a good ethical conduct is helpful for you. Since you’re implementing a calm and well-mannered personality, you are sure to keep away from diseases. It has been said that a person with good ethics is often healthier than his counterparts. Perhaps, it’s true because most positive people with good manners are often living a fuller life than others. They seldom go to the hospital for treatment of diseases. They also keep their mind healthy, thus, they are productive at work.

At work, well-behaved people are more productive than their colleagues. Because they are positive and often worry-free, they can deliver accurate results at work. Because their minds are not also cluttered due to the practice of Vyavaharika saddvritta, they can think clearly, thus, coming up with better decisions. When trying to beat a deadline, they can handle the situation calmly and provide accurate work results.

In the society, they are valued and most often, they have more friends. Since they treat everyone fairly, they can gain more friends through the years. Simply, other people love them because of their good behavior.

At home, a person implementing the principles of Vyavaharika Saddvritta is a more effective mother, father, son or daughter. Because his/her personality is good, keeping harmony at home is easier to achieve. Not only that, other family members may be encouraged to apply the same principles of Vyavaharika Saddvritta among themselves.


Vyavaharika Saddvritta helps a person become a better one for himself, his family and in his society. Learn how having good ethical conduct can benefit you today. Get in touch with an Ayurvedic expert and learn how the principles of Vyavaharika Saddvritta can benefit you.


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