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Millions of people are share a bad breath problem across the country. Bad breath is big problem then you can take many available treatment on it. Bad breath is also called as halitosis, it can be a source of embarrassment as well as shame and some people with bad breath are not even aware there is a problem but you no longer have to let it handicap or affect your social life then you can give treatment for bad breath.

Causes for bad breath

  • Systemic illness like liver disease
  • Throat, lungs, sinus infection
  • Improper cleaning of dentures
  • Mouth infection
  • Kidney or liver ailment
  • Disturbance in gastrointestinal
  • Smoking and tobacco

Natural home remedies for bad breath

You can swoosh around the mouth by using a mixture of a hydrogen peroxide [50%] and water [50%] as well as it used as a mouth. After every meal you clean as well as wash your mouth and brush your teeth or tongue. You can use leafy green vegetables such as parsley in which include chlorophyll. You can use a baking soda, a few drops of peppermint as well as tea tree oil. You can eat only fresh food, vegetables, fruits, after wash and clean your mouth.

Prevention for bad breath

For 12 hours as well as 5 hours before your appointment avoids floss or use mouthwash as well as avoid drink or food respectively. Avoid as well as discouraged tobacco or alcohol products for 12 hours as well as a perfumes, aftershaves or other scents respectively. Do not eat a onion as well as garlic. Do not use a breath mint as well as mouthwashes because in which include a alcohol. Do not use toothpaste which contains sodium laryl sulphate. Do not drink tea as well as coffee.

Tips for bad breath

  • You can drink a plenty of water as well as fluids.
  • You can chew a sugarless gum.
  • You can eat a foods such as celery as well as peppers, raw carrots.
  • Regular visit to dentist.
  • When dry your mouth then swooshed it by using water.
  • Remove any white coating as far back as you can by using a tongue scraper.


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