Caring your child's teeth - Special needs Child teeth


Teeth's are most important in children as well as our life then care for teeth's are important. Wiping your baby's gums with a soft moisture cloth after feedings helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria as well as help your child chew food and speak clearly baby teeth also hold space so permanent teeth can grow in straight then care of your child teeth is important as well as good dental hygiene habits should begin before your child first tooth comes in.

Healthy child's teeth is mostly depends on following four factors;

  • Diet
  • Tooth makeup
  • Oral hygiene
  • Quantity of her saliva which helps rinse away food and bacteria

Methods for caring your child's teeth

You can take a fluoride contain toothpaste as well as fluoride gel and wash your child's teeth by using this toothpaste because these are reduces the tooth decay.

When your child within 6 months of the first baby tooth and by no later than the first birthday then take your child for a first dental visit because dentist give great decision to make healthy tooth for your child.

Growth and development of strong teeth as well as gum for your child when develop good eating habits in your child by giving foods such as a good or healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Prevention for caring your child's teeth

  • Do not eat sweeter, sticky food.
  • Do not drink more sweet juices.
  • When obtain children to sleep then this time do not put honey on dummies.
  • Does not putting child down with a bottle as well as ensure nourishing has finished before your child goes to sleep to avoid early child tooth decay. 

Tips for caring your child's teeth

Regular visit to dentist for checkup your child's teeth, starting from about 1 year of age. Everyday you can drink fluoridated tap water. You give foods to your child; these foods are making them chew. Brush your child's teeth after breakfast as well as before bed time everyday is most important. Good for your child teeth is sugar free chewing gum.

You give nutritional fruits as well as vegetables to your child's. Everyday you can use a dental floss on your child's teeth from about 3-4 years of age because it is mostly important.


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