Child Orthodontics - The Dental expert for Children

Orthodontics is the important branch of dentistry that accurate abnormality in the teeth and solve jaw problem. Orthodontics treatment is approved by orthodontist. Orthodontics is used to make sure teeth and mouth appear fine and well functioning. Orthodontics treatment is used for moving teeth in right position. Children is special case of orthodontics because they are growing.

What is child Orthodontics?

In case of children, Orthodontics treatment is very important and useful for children. Several children as near the beginning as 5 or 6 years of age may good advantage from an orthodontic assessment. Mostly, child orthodontics is happened in younger child. Because, orthodontics is more easy,shorten and less painful than adult stage. Children must be aggravated by parents to obtain a fine result of orthodontics treatment.

How to ready child for Orthodontic treatment?

For child orthodontics, you can required to ready your child for treatment. Therefore, you can visit dentist at many times. In that case, you can give psychological and mental support for accepting orthodontic treatment. You can describe each step of this treatment. Emotional support is main point in preparing child for orthodontic treatment. You can explain that for looking good, this treatment is very necessary.

Some children's Orthodontics problems

  • Crowding difficulty of teeth
  • Different size of teeth
  • Irregular teeth
  • Difficulty in speech
  • Spacing among the children's teeth
  • Breathing problem
  • Divergence in teeth

Treatment of child orthodontics

There are three stages occurred in treatment of child orthodontics;

Preventive orthodontic treatment - It is the first step of child orthodontics. Preventive orthodontic treatment consists of planning of maintaining bad bite, crooked teeth and a malocclusion from mouth.

Interceptive orthodontic treatment - Decrease the harshness of a rising problem and remove the cause of orthodontics. The remaining inclusive orthodontic treatment is reduced by this treatment. There are various orthodontics treatments such as rectification of thumb and finger sucking problem.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment - Comprehensive orthodontic treatment is consist of proper arrangement of teeth, correct the jaw function and fitting of top and bottom teeth together. The aim of this treatment is making right recognized teeth problem.

Orthodontic appliance for child's jaw growth problem

  • Headgear
  • Different types of braces
  • Fixed functional appliance
  • Removal functional appliances
  • Palatal expansion appliance
  • Elastics
  • Open bite
  • Retainers

Aims of Child Orthodontics

  • Orthodontics treatment can improve troubles in mouth and recovers the look of the teeth.
  • Mostly Crooked teeth are occurred in children’s teeth. This problem is solved by Child orthodontics treatment.
  • Child orthodontics treatment is also solved problem of decay in teeth and also in loss of teeth.
  • Child orthodontics is used for changed structures of underlying bone of teeth.


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