Dental Care in Pregnancy - Oral health is very important in Pregnancy


Daily dental care is more important during pregnancy than the ordinary time. Good care of teeth and gum is essential during pregnancy. In pregnancy, there are happen various hormonal changes. Some hormonal changes are increase chance of dental problems. Oral health is a mirror image of your in general health, so maintaining correct dental care during pregnancy is mainly significant.

Why dental care is important during pregnancy?

For healthy pregnancy dental care is very significant. Correct dental care is particularly essential during pregnancy, because sometimes, big gum disease has been related to low birth weight and premature birth. Unfortunate oral healthiness, can affect normal health and that of your unborn baby. Good dental care not only assists women to avoid dental problems during pregnancy, but also control the dental health of unborn child.

Dental medication in pregnancy

There are re various medications are used for dental care during pregnancy;

Anesthetics - For dental care you require some anesthesia which is get proper care without side effect, during pregnancy. Local anesthetics are comparatively secure. You can use some anesthetics such as epinephrine, lidocaine etc. for taking care of teeth.

Antibiotics - You can use of some antibiotics for avoiding infection in teeth during pregnancy. Penicillin and cephalosporin are best and safe antibiotics during pregnancy. These medicines are not having any side effect. Metronidazole and Erythromycin are not safe during pregnancy.

Fluride - Fluride is used for avoiding cavities into the teeth. For protecting teeth, the use of additional fluoride in pregnancy is contentious. In research have, found that children whose mothers taking fluoride in pregnancies then children’s teeth having fewer cavities.

Tips of dental care in pregnancy

Take a dental appointment before you get pregnant. In this way your teeth can be cleaned, your gum tissue can be carefully checked. If any oral problems then it can be treated in before pregnancy.

Dental treatment should be avoided in first trimester and second half of the third trimester of pregnancy. During pregnancy, avoid X-rays of teeth which sometimes may be harmful to your baby. Take oral hygiene to protect your teeth from infection.

Healthy diet is always important for your pregnancy. For healthy teeth, you can take healthy diet containing milk product like yogurt, cheese and some minerals. This is good for baby's developing teeth. You can simply brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste as minimum twice in a day. Stay away from eating too sweet foodstuffs.


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