Diet for Curing Teeth decay

Diet and teeth is very closely related factors. Food is eating with the help of teeth by chewing process. Therefore, teeth are very necessary for eating food. The foods decide as energy usually affects our in general health, consisting also teeth and gums. Excellent oral hygiene and fluoride, mainly used by toothpastes with fluoride have lessened the value of diet in teeth decay.

What is proper diet for avoiding tooth decay?

Diluted sugar-free squashes is protected teeth from tooth decay. Fibrous foods such as carrots and other salads are helpful for removing debris from teeth. Sugar occurs in fruit and milk are not liable for tooth decay. Attempt to eat incredible alkaline diet. Alkaline diet is consisting in Cheese, Bread sticks , Nuts, Raw vegetables, Boiled eggs, etc

Advice for prevention of tooth decay

  • You can avoid eating diet which is rich in sugar and starch. Because, sugar and starch is responsible for teeth decay.
  • Everyday snacking is kept away from yourself.
  • Daily tooth brushing is very important for avoiding tooth decay.
  • Use of fluoride tooth paste for tooth brushing.
  • Sugar free chewing gum is also helpful for avoiding tooth decay.
  • Sometimes, you can also eating sugar free diet.
  • Regular dental check up is very important for prevention of tooth decay.

Which diet is responsible for teeth decay?

Sugar or starch - Every time bacteria approach get in touch with sugar and starch in the mouth which assault the teeth for 20 minutes. Because of this finally create decay in teeth. Sugar is also includes in soft drink. Therefore, this is responsible for teeth decay. Every sugar food can causes teeth decay.

Snack food - Recurrent snacking is also enhancing the quantity of acids into the teeth. Therefore, tooth decay can be produced.

Sucrose, fructose and glucose can also causes tooth decay. Too much sugar is responsible for tooth decay.

Carbohydrates of sweet food - Tooth decay also caused by some carbohydrates.

Other sweet diet - Many of foods such as cake, ice-creams, biscuits, chocolates are also responsible for decay.

Coffee and tea - Tooth decay is also caused by coffee and tea.


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