Diet in Oral Health - What to eat for Oral Health?


Diet is important in our dental health as well as whole our body health, in which include a dietary products, nutrition. Children in particular are at risk of dental caries and dental erosion and there is a growing body of evidence to indicate common risk factors for dental diseases as well as again older person that are at risk of dental caries. Diet affects oral health in many ways such as diet include dental caries, developmental defects of enamel, dental erosion and periodontal disease as well as nutrition affects oral health in many ways like influences cranio-facial development, oral cancer and oral infectious diseases.

Disadvantages of imbalanced diet

When you take imbalanced diet then create teeth problem as well as general body problem. When you take imbalanced diet then energy is loss. When you take imbalanced diet then weight is loss.

Advantages for diet in oral health

  • When you take balanced diet then they provide a natural tooth appearance.
  • They can provide a large amount of energy.
  • They create a large amount of weight.
  • They create teeth’s are white and give good smelling.

Nutritional diet for oral health

You can take as low-fat dairy products because in which include calcium. You can eat a fresh foods and vegetables include a vitamin A as well as vitamin C. Take a good sources of fluoride like tea. You can choose a nutritious foods because in which include a low sugar.

Brush your teeth by using a fluoride toothpaste 2 times everyday. You can take margarine; fatty fish like salmon, milk include a vitamin D. Phosphorus include in a fish, eggs as well as meat, take it because it help to form tooth enamel. You can take magnesium include in whole grains, spinach, and bananas. Take an orange colored fruits as well as vegetables because it will give a vitamin A.

Prevention for diet in oral health

Do not eat a snacks. Avoid a sweet drink. Do not regular drink of acidic drink; Do not eat more sweet foods, fruits.

Tips for diet in oral health

  • A healthy diet is maintained.
  • Regular visit to dentist for check up and cleaning your teeth.
  • Drink a plenty of water.
  • Everyday you can clean your teeth by using a floss as well as inter dental cleaners.


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