Fluoride Treatment - Is Flouride harmful or beneficial?

Fluoride treatment in which teeth treat with fluoride agents like paste or gel, it help to prevent tooth decay and to strengthen the teeth externally, while the supplements are more helpful for the internal development of the teeth. Fluoride is a mineral, it can be naturally occurring in the water and food and prevent the tooth decay.

Types of fluoride treatment

There are two types as below;

  • At your dentist
  • At your home

Need for fluoride treatment

Children teeth's are developing when use of this treatment. It help all teeth as well as to prevent decay in children and adult. The fluoride toothpaste is use with brushing everyday because we will get a healthy teeth.

The plaque bacteria and sugar are form a acid in your mouth is a demineralization then use of remineralization in which minerals like fluoride, calcium, phosphate are deposited inside the enamel as well as to repair the enamel leads to tooth decay.

Dentist put a fluoride gel or foam into a mouth guard that you wear for a few minutes in dentist treatment ,after you're asked not to eat or drink. Teeth are strengthen and help prevent cavities when applied a fluoride treatment on teeth.

Use for fluoride treatment

You use of drinking water is fluoridated. Use of a foods, vegetables, dental products and other beverages, water, mouthwash, toothpaste, juice, soft drink, when which contain a fluoride. Take a chicken soup which contain a 4 mg of fluoride and any juices which contain average fluoride is 0.02 to 2.80 parts per million, also a grape juice which contain up to 6.8 mg/L of fluoride and drink of it. Use of fluoride treatment which contain 10000 to 20000 parts per million, it is unregulated dose requirement.

Your teeth's are make healthy when use of fluoride toothpaste because in which containing a 0.22% of sodium fluoride and 0.76% of sodium monofluorophosphate also 0.4% stannous fluoride.

Tips for fluoride treatment

  • Do not smoking for 30 minutes later.
  • Take a correct amount of fluoride on the teeth, if there level is low then this are not effective as well as there level is high then the patients might accidentally be poisoned


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