Impacted Teeth - The loosened and irregular Tooth

In impacted teeth, teeth are not fixed at it's normal position. Mostly, wisdom teeth are impacted. When space are not sufficient for growing teeth then impacted teeth are created. In case of impacted teeth, impacted tooth is painless. Impacted teeth acquires uncreative space while on the way into mouth. Because of impacted teeth, often cavites are formed. Impacted teeth are teeth that become trapped under the gum and are thus incapable to come out right in normal position of teeth.

Problems due to impacted teeth

  • Teeth cavity
  • Infection in teeth
  • Teeth abscess
  • Injure neighboring teeth of impacted teeth
  • Swelling of gums

Causes of impacted teeth

Over crowding of teeth is the important cause of impacted teeth. That is lack of space in the mouth for growing wisdom teeth. Small size of jaw is also reason of impacted teeth. Because of contact and pressure of tissue, impacted teeth are prevented comes out in normal position. Incorrect alignment or abnormality of teeth is also cause of impacted teeth.

Symptoms of impacted teeth

Different symptoms are occurred in teeth during impacted teeth;

  • Pain of gums
  • Unpleasant taste
  • Gap between the teeth
  • Reddish color of gums
  • Swelling of gums
  • Pain at the back of the jaw
  • Bad breath
  • headache

Diagnosis of impacted teeth

  • The best test for impacted teeth is visual checking of teeth.
  • Dental X-ray is the great diagnosis of impacted teeth.

Treatment of impacted teeth

Suggestion of dentist is very important for dental problems. The purpose of treatment of impacted teeth is to reduce irritation of the mouth due to impacted tooth. For impacted teeth, you can use of warm salted water for rinsing teeth. Impacted teeth are infected teeth, therefore they are normally remove. Orthodontics treatment is also used for impacted teeth. Normally, in treatment of impacted teeth extraction of teeth is occurred with the help of anesthetic and forceps. Antibiotics is also used for treatment for impacted teeth.

How to avoid impacted teeth?

For preventing impacted teeth, proper alignment of teeth is very important. Daily dental check is helpful for avoiding impacted teeth. Cod liver oil in combination milk is also essential for prevent impacted teeth and well development of teeth.


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