Post Core Tooth Decay Treatment - Ways to relieve decay recovery


A mental component of an extensive tooth repair is called a post core tooth decay treatment and in which a thin metal rod that is cemented into the root of a tooth and consist of a post that fits into the root canal and a core.

Why it is necessary?

  • When our teeth's are in a bad condition.
  • When the soft tissues of the teeth are badly infected.
  • When crown and forces are loose.
  • When the problems of root canal are often.
  • When teeth's are badly decomposed and these are packed heavily.

Where these services are available

Most important center in India is a Madurai and it is inexpensive as compaired to other countries. Many visitors are come to India from other countries and also these services are available as below;

  • Root canal treatment
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Cosmetic dental treatments
  • Wisdom tooth surgery
  • Chrome dentures
  • Polishing a tooth

Actual treatments for post core tooth decay

After the root canal procedure of teeth, post core treatment are apply on tooth. Do a fluoride treatment because fluoride is a naturally occurring a minerals in water in many foods. Saliva is washes the teeth about 20 minutes because these are neutralizes the acid and remove the food particles.

Take a porcelain or composite resin tooth colored materials and it is bonded to the surfaces of your teeth because this are performed to mask the originally not acceptable appearance of the teeth.

Stop the repetition of gum swelling is carried out in the wisdom tooth surgery and also in the upper jaw can be extracted without surgery as well as lower jaw are usually more troublesome.

In the root canal treatment a soft tissue made up of nerves damaged and this treatment consist of cleaning & shaping the canals, filling the canal.

Tips for post core tooth decay treatment

Avoid a chewing of gum and caramel. Drinks a sweet and sugary are limited. Brush your teeth after eat time and before bed time as well as 2 times in everyday. Avoid smoking. Don't drink a hot water and alcohol. Regular check up at the dentist is very important.


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