Prevent mouth and tooth injury - Protecting tooth Injury


Mouth and tooth injury are the health problems, in mouth injury involve the teeth, jaw, lips, tongue, inner cheeks, gums, roof of the mouth, neck, or tonsils as well as a small cut or puncture inside the mouth may bleed a lot because there are many blood vessels in the head and neck area and in tooth injury a tooth may be tapped out also an injury could crack, chip, or break a tooth, or make a tooth change color as well as a tooth may be loose or moved in position or jammed into the gum. This problems are created mostly in children, prevention for mouth as well as tooth injury is most important then you can take home treatment of minor mouth injuries can help stop bleeding, reduce pain, help healing, and prevent infection as well as dental treatment.

Symptoms for mouth and tooth injury

  • Unexpected pain
  • Fever
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loss of appetite
  • Incapability to eat as well as drink
  • Tooth loss
  • Inflammation of the jaw
  • Tooth discoloration

Mouth and tooth injury - Treatment

You can take a mouth guards and this are covering worn over teeth, in which mouth guards cover your upper teeth only but in some cases such as if you wear braces or another fixed dental appliance on your lower jaw, your dentist will make a mouth guard for the lower teeth as well because it can protect your teeth from injury.

You can place a small piece of wrinkled gauze at the position like bleeding area as well as hold it in place whereas child mouthful losing.

You can take a cold squash as well as an ice pop and this are place on inflammation area as well as suck on respectively because it can reduce the inflammation or pain.

You can take a helmet and wear it as well as use a seat belt because it can prevent tooth, mouth injury as well as it can prevent or reduce mouth injury during a motor vehicle accident respectively.

Prevention for mouth and tooth injury

  • Do not walk as well as run whereas holding an object in your mouth.
  • Do not suck as well as chew on hard, sharp, and pointed objects.
  • Do not scrubbing your tooth.
  • Do not chewing as well as smoking tobacco.
  • Alcohol drinking is avoided.
  • Do not eat salty, spicy foods, citrus fruits and tomatoes.

Tips for mouth and tooth injury

Check your tooth by dentist immediately. You can wear a mouth guard for playing sports. Child safety seats as well as seatbelts is most important for your child in cars. Clean your tooth by using a knock water.

In pour socket include your tooth quickly. Put your tooth in milk as well as water when you are uncomfortable inserting the tooth. You can take medicine like orabase as well as ulcerease because this can be reduce mouth pain. You can eat soft foods, fruits as well as meal.


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