Teeth Brushing - Know how to brush your teeth properly


Teeth's brushing is most important part of dental care. Tooth brushing is the procedure of cleaning teeth with the help of tooth brush. Tooth brushing is used for removing dental debris from your teeth. Tooth brushing is helpful for avoiding dental decay. Therefore, daily tooth brushing is very important.

How to brush your teeth?

For brush your teeth, you use good quality of soft bristles tooth brush. Put the bristles of tooth brush at a 45 degree angle to the teeth. Glide the tip of the brush beneath the gums. Shake the bristles softly so that any decay increasing under the gum will be clean. Clean the chewing teeth surface.

Slope the brush in upright position and applying some up and down strokes with the front part of the brush over the teeth and gum for clean the front teeth. First clean your upper teeth then your lower teeth.

Material for brushing your teeth

Toothbrush, Tooth paste and other useful material are most important required things for brushing your teeth;

  1. Toothbrush - The toothbrush is an object used for cleaning teeth, involving a small brush with a handle
  2. Toothpaste - Toothpaste is a paste or gel type thing which includes some clean-up constituent and used for clean teeth with the help of toothbrush.
  3. Mouth wash - For oral hygiene, mouth wash is very important.
  4. Dental floss - Dental floss is used to clean food and plaque from the teeth.
  5. Water - Water is just use for clean overall mouth.

Other things used as toothpaste for brushing

  • Charcoal
  • Ashes
  • Ground up tobacco
  • Neem tree twig
  • Salt

Tips for teeth brushing

Use soft bristles tooth brush for tooth brushing. One useful method of tooth brushing involves applying a circular motion with brush. Brush your teeth at least 4 minutes twice a day. Do not use hard bristles tooth brush because it may be harmful to the gums.

Replace your tooth brush after each 3 month. Daily floss is also very important.


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