Staining of Teeth - Causes and Cure for Stains

Staining of teeth is also called as discoloration of teeth and it is an importance to dental surgeons. It is of considerable interest to patients for aesthetic reasons. In staining condition filling a bleeds within the tooth and changing the tooth colour.

Types of stains

Extrinsic stain - Stains on the exterior of the tooth surface is called as extrinsic stain and it removed by dental polishing. This are pigments fixed in the calculus because they colored from interaction with tobacco smoke, wine or other sources and chemical reactions occurring in the plaque.

Intrinsic stain - Stains on the interior of the tooth surface is called as intrinsic stain. It removed by using a whitening products and common example of intrinsic stain are fluorosis or tetracycline stains.

Black line stain - Black line stain is called as metabolic stain and it found in clean mouth like on the lingual surfaces 1millimeter above the gum margin.

Green stain - Green stain is form fromed exposure to some metals like copper, nickel or decomposed HB as well as inorganic elements like calcium, potassium, sodium, silicon, magnesium, phosphorous and it create on the cervical surface of the anterior teeth of children.

Orange and red stain - When repeated use of stannous fluorides then create on the cervical third of anterior teeth are a orange and red stain.

Minocycling staining - Semi-synthetic derivative of tetracycline is called as minocycling staining and it given for the treatment of acne. This are prevented by help of protocol of Vitamin C.

Causes for staining of teeth

  • Post-eruptive
  • Pre-eruptive
  • Smoking a tobacco
  • Drinking a tea, coffee
  • Again and again use of stannous fluoride
  • Medications with iodine solution
  • Chromogenic bacteria
  • Carbohydrate-rich food like apples, potatoes.

Tips for staining of teeth

  • Do not smoking a tobacco.
  • Do not drinking a tea, coffee.
  • Avoid use of cigarettes, cigars, pipes.
  • Brush your teeth 2 times in everyday.
  • The dentist should cleaned a teeth 2 times in a year.

Treatment for staining of teeth

Take a 10% of carbamide peroxide whitener and using on the staining of teeth.

Take a 10% of carbamide peroxide whitener with an at-home tray-based whitening system.

This are using on the yellow to brown tooth stain can be 2 to 6 weeks in everyday bleaching with each bleaching session lasting on the order of two hours.

Take a mixture of hydrochloric acid and pumice and this mixture use in removing of stains. It is also called as micro-abrasion technique polishes.


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