Teeth and Jaws

Teeth's and jaws are related to each other. Teeth's are joint to a jaw. The teeth and molar of australopithecine's are similar and similar with although larger to those of humans respectively. Do not have the jaw has the parabolic shape of human jaws. Teeth and jaw are very important in our body .We can eat a many food, vegetables from the teeth with use of jaws.


Crown and root are the two main parts of the teeth therefore they are meeting at the neck of the tooth and this is normally just below the gum margin. Disorders of the supporting structures of the teeth like gingiva, periodontal ligament and supporting alveolar bone is a periodontal diseases.

Types of teeth

Front (upper) teeth -This will contain the baby teeth and permanent teeth.

Back (lower) teeth -This will contain the baby teeth and permanent teeth.


Jaw is most important in our mouth and the temporomandibular joints are the jaw joints which are refer to the connection between temporal bone and mandibular bone, one at each side of the face. Jaws are use in eating a many food, vegetables. The infections around the tooth roots as well as the jawbone and the muscles in that area.

Types of jaw

  • Upper jaw ( maxilla ) - This is joint to the temporal bone.
  • Lower jaw ( mandible) - It is also a mandibular bone.

The chewing and speech process is possible only when this joints are present as well as shows a cross section of the teeth and jaw when a representation of the upper and lower jaws. Temporomandibular joint is technically called a sliding hinge joint and a variation of a hinge joint.

This allows the jaw to move as well as flexible in a number of directions. These are, when our mouth is open as well as closed then the lower jaw moves up and down, other the jaw movements can be forward and backward, sideways and circular when we chew food and speak.

Tips for healthy teeth

  • Avoided a smoking.
  • Do not eat a large amount of chocolates and ice-cream.
  • Brushing your teeth 2 times in everyday.
  • Avoid a lot of sweets.
  • Do not drink a lot of coca-cola and other drinks.
  • Avoid a consumption of alcohol.
  • Regular visit to the dentist.


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