Toothpastes and Brushing teeth Regime

Toothpaste is a paste or gel of teeth. Toothpaste is a mixture of powdered salt, iris flowers, pepper and mint leaves. It can be used to clean and maintain the healthy of teeth and it is most commonly sold in flexible tubes. Toothpaste is most important in our life because it clean our teeth and mouth then don't provide a teeth problem.

Modern types of toothpaste

  • American toothpaste in which found burnt bread.
  • A paste is made a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.
  • Fluoride toothpaste is developed by the American Dental Association.
  • Colgate paste is accepted by the ADA.

Different uses of toothpaste

Clean the teeth. Toothpaste have capability to kill the bacteria. Prevent the diseases of teeth. Prevent loss of water. Reduced gingival inflammation. Mouth is fresh breath and leave with a clean feeling.

How to choose right toothpaste?

You can choose a right toothpaste which contains fluoride in paste, gel or powder form and containing a certain flavor because it work is mostly effective to fight plaque and cavities. It also clean and polish tooth enamel.

You can take a tarter control toothpaste in which contains the ingredient sodium pyrophosphate and use it because which can make normal teeth hypersensitive and sensitive teeth extremely sensitive to hot and cold liquids. 

Fluoride is the true active ingredient because it can protect your teeth.

You can use dentifrices because it give the teeth and mouth a clean, fresh, pleasant feeling

Reduction of grater cavity by brushing with fluoride toothpaste only one time in a day if children live in areas with fluoridated water.

ADA to fight plaque and gingivitis are accepted a colgate paste and often by dentists, it have 12 hour protection and prevent plaque and gingivitis.

Warning for use of toothpaste  

Avoid a sonic toothbrushes with baking soda and peroxide toothpastes because they are contribute to cracks in the upper portion of the handle.

Avoid this toothpaste which dose not have information and list ingredients on the lable.

Use of colgate paste is most effective toothpaste.


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