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Atkins Diet has been in use since the 1970's.  There are new weight loss management plans available now that try to improve on it.  Perhaps someday a universal diet that works for everyone and every physical problem will come to light.   Until then we each need to find what works for us as individuals.

Both the AMA (American Medical Association) and the AHA (American Heart Association) have issued warnings against high-protein, high-fat diets such as Atkins. Their concern is that this combination may harm the cardiovascular system and increase the risk of diabetes or kidney disease.  To date there is insufficient evidence to prove these assertions.

Why to go for Atkins diet food list?

For most of the people all over the world, who are eager to lose body weight, Atkins diet food list is a high protein based diet, with zero level of carbohydrate, high level of fats as well as a tag “free for all”. However this is a very wrong notion and actually, the diet contains stuffs that are most easily digested by our body. Plants based carbs are some of the most important components in the list and this enable to follow a low carbs based diet that is not only balanced, but would also provide with best possible nutrition. 

What does an Atkins diet food list contain?

An Atkins diet food list contains several vegetables that are primarily divided into two categories, namely salad vegetables and other vegetables. Most types of fats are allowed within the diet; however the preferred among the lot is the Omega 3 fatty acids that may be offered by foods such as salmons and linseed seeds. Dairy products are also an important part of the Atkins diet food list. Cheese of different types along with creams, both heavy as well as light are included within the list. Certain types of spices and condiments also form a part of the diet list. Even beverages and sweeteners are included as a part of this diet list. 

Does Atkins diet food list really work?

Yes, the intricately yet simply designed Atkins diet food list really works in most of the cases. However a balanced form of this diet, along with regular physical exercise proves to be a great weight loser in the overall scenario. Doctors even prescribe medications along with different yogic exercises to provide an effective edge in losing the body weights, from those parts where it is required the most, which in most of the cases are usually neglected. Thus the success rate of the diet list depends upon the individual too and not completely on the general structure of the diet itself. 

Why do people follow this diet?

The Atkins Diet is attractive to dieters who have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight on low-fat, low-calorie diets. Atkins dieters can eat as many calories as desired from protein and fat, as long as carbohydrate consumption is restricted. As a result, many Atkins dieters are spared the feelings of hunger and deprivation that accompany other weight loss regimens.

The Atkins Diet may be the most famous diet on Earth.  It has often been criticized by medical professionals when used over long periods of time. Medical and healthcare agencies point to its inherently extreme nature as reason for caution.

Studies published in 2002 and 2003 tend to support the effectiveness of the Atkins diet, although not unquestionably. In addition, while the Atkins diet does not appear to cause some of the adverse effects about which critics are concerned, there is evidence that the diet might cause bone loss, and other concerns about long-term safety still remain.


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