Mono-Unsaturated Fats and Poly-Unsaturated Fats


What is mono-unsaturated fat?

Monounsaturated fat is considered to be probably the healthiest type of general fat. It has none of the adverse effects associated with saturated fats, trans-fats or omega-6 polyunsaturated vegetable oils. These include canola, olive and peanut oils, and avocados.

Sources of monounsaturated fat

Olive oil (73 per cent) rapeseed oil (60 per cent) hazelnuts (50 per cent) almonds (35 per cent) Brazil nuts (26 per cent) cashews (28 per cent) avocado (12 per cent) sesame seeds (20 per cent) pumpkin seeds (16 per cent).

Monounsaturated oils for cooking

Oils high in monounsaturates are better oils for cooking. Olive oil is the best as it has the highest oxidation threshold: i.e. it remains stable at higher temperatures and does not easily become hydrogenated or saturated.

A higher monounsaturated or "good" fat diet helps your heart because it:

  • Lowers total cholesterol;
  • Lowers bad LDL cholesterol;
  • Maintains beneficial HDL cholesterol; and
  • Lowers triglycerides, or the amount of fat circulating in the blood.

Polyunsaturated fats are found mostly in fish, soy, and walnuts. These oils are in liquid form at room temperature and in the refrigerator. This kind of fatty acid helps lower your total blood cholesterol because it decreases the LDL (bad) cholesterol.


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Monounsaturated Fats

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