The advantages and Benefits of Aerobic Exercises


About aerobic exercises:

Aerobic exercises are physical exercises that are done in presence of oxygen. By oxygen, one refers to the oxygen consumed by the body for the metabolic activities. Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio-vascular exercises, since these exercises increase the functioning of the heart as well as blood circulation of the body.

What are they?

An aerobic exercise includes any physical exercise in which one consumes oxygen and the heart beats at a very faster rate. Activities like running, jogging, jumping, swimming, cycling etc all comes under aerobic exercises

What Are The Benefits That You Could Reap Out From Aerobic Exercises

There are numerous benefits of Aerobic exercises. Few of the prominent ones are:

Weight Loss: Aerobic exercises help in increasing the heart rate and the blood circulation of the body which increases other metabolic activities, and thus increases the demand for the energy. In order to satisfy the need of this extra energy, body starts burning its fat, and ultimately body loses its weight.

Keeps Muscles healthy and strong: Regular Aerobic exercises helps in proper circulation of the blood, which in return helps in keeping the muscles strong and healthy.

Increases the RBC: Aerobic exercises are also said to increase the amount of RBC (Red Blood Corpuscles) in the blood.

Reduces stress, and increases mental efficiency: The benefits of Aerobic exercises are also visible on the mental front of the body. Blood circulations during the regular practice of Aerobic exercises, reduces blockages and barriers in the blood vessels. Thus pure blood can reach every part of the body including brain. This helps in proper supply of oxygen and thus, helps the brain in functioning efficiently.

Reduces the risk of Diabetes: Studies have also shown that regular aerobic exercises can also benefit one with reduced risk of diabetes.

Reduces the risk of heart stroke and blood pressure: Another important benefit of aerobic exercise is that it helps in reducing the blood pressure and also reduces the chances of heart attack.

Thus, there are numerous benefits of Aerobic exercises. One can get all these benefits by practicing these exercises for just 20-30 minutes a day. Simple yet highly beneficial!


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