Get relieved of stress through Breathing Exercises for Relaxation


In this modern era, where people are prone to moving with a pace that really exploits one’s complete energy, one requires a lot of practices that can relax and distress them. The rising level of stress needs to be controlled, and breathing exercises for relaxation are known to be the best amongst them.

Benefits of breathing exercises for relaxation:

Breathing exercises for relaxation are so far, the best exercises known for relaxation and distressing. Regulating the breath not only helps one in controlling the stress level, but also helps in controlling anxiety and aggression. Apart from this, breathing exercises also helps one in developing the concentration level, and increasing the mental and physical efficiency.

Types of breathing exercises for relaxation:

Although there are plenty of breathing exercises for relaxation, and almost all of them are very efficient. Few of them are mentioned here:

Deep breathing: Deep Breathing exercises have always been a great one as far as relaxation and distressing is concerned. Slow and deep breathing helps one in reducing the stress level. It also helps in increasing the concentration power and controls anxiety. All one requires doing in this exercise, is breath deeply. Inhale slowly till your lungs are full and then slowly release the air, and feel the stress leaving the body.

Roll Breathing: This is another important breathing exercise for relaxation. Here one requires keeping the right hand on the chest and left hand on the lower lung (on the stomach. Now inhale so that the left hand goes high and then exhale feeling the left hand coming down. Do this for 2-3 minutes. Now inhale in such a way that first the left hand rises and then the right hand also goes up. Now, exhale through mouth observing the movements of your hands. Repeat this for 5-6 minutes.

Rolling head breathing: In this exercise, roll the head in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Inhale when the chin touches the chest. Then roll your head while exhaling, till the chin again comes to the same position. Do this exercise very slowly and properly.


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