Get flabby or avoid them with Rapid Weight Gain Measures


There are many factors responsible for the unintentional and rapid weight gain. A cursory cause of rapid weight gain is the unhealthy and unregulated eating habits as well as lack of fitness exercises.

The major reasons for the notable weight gain includes –

1. Overeating and less exercising.
2. Hypothyroidism – This disease results in the reduction of metabolic rate due to deficiency of thyroid hormone. As a result, fat accumulation and fluid retention takes place by protein deposits in the body, ultimately leading to rapid weight gain.
3. Cushing syndrome – This disease generally leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, upper back and face.
4. Excessive consumption of alcohol.
5. High calorie and high carbohydrate diet.
6. Use of certain drugs like cyproheptadine, tranquilizers, corticosteroids, some antidepressants, lithidium, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), and diabetic medications also causes weight gain.
7. Lack of sleep, stress and depression.
8. Ageing and genetic makeup.
9. Weight gain can also occur by organ enlargement due to obstruction of lymph fluid or from an ovarian cyst.

Imbalance of blood sugar level – a rapid fluctuation occurs due to intake of refined carbohydrates and chocolates which increases blood sugar levels in the body. As a result of this, hormone insulin gets released from the body which in turn causes sugar to be restored away.

In women, pregnancy and menstruation are the foremost factors for the weight gain. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can also be considered as one of the major reasons of overweight as it contains estrogen which increases appetite and causes fluid retention.

Hyperinsulinism – Hyperinsulinism results in the increase of appetite and indigestion which in turn causes weight gain. Pancreatic islet cell tumour causes weight gain as it results in excessive hunger.

In women, Sheehan’s syndrome generally occurs due to impaired pituitary gland function. Because of this, women experience severe obstetric haemorrhage resulting in excessive weight gain.


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