Sit and workout with Chair Aerobic Exercises


Exercises and workouts play a very important role in keeping an individual fit. However, it is also true that workout requires a lot of hard work and determination, along with strong physical labor. Therefore, those who spend a huge time span sitting on the chair need to find some other alternative. That is when Chair Aerobic Exercises come in to play.

Different types of Chair Aerobic Exercises:

Foot bouncing: This particular exercise is quite easy and simple. Start with your legs close together. Now bring one foot forward while the other one remains in the same position. Bring the foot back to its normal position. Repeat this alternatively, with both the legs as fast as you can. In the mean time swing your arms alternatively.

Heel Toe: In this exercise, close your legs together and then move one leg at a time forward in such a way that the heel is high and the feet lands on the toe. Now change the leg and repeat this exercise several times.

Jumping feet: In this particular exercise, one requires to do only a bit labor and that will tone up the body completely. Just put the legs close and tap them on the ground. Also swing the arms in opposite direction of the legs. This will burn a lot of calories and will help one in attaining toned physique.

Side twist: This exercise includes toning up of upper torso. While sitting, bring the legs together and hand sideways. Now try and twist the upper torso towards left and then toward right, keeping the lower torso constant and fixed.

Side bending: In this exercise also one requires to sit, and bring the legs together and back straight. Now bend the hand and try to touch the feet. Do not move the feet in position. Do this several times in rhythm. The results will be outstanding.


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