Shall I Exercise to Keep Fit? How Can I Start Correctly?


People always say you must exercise to keep fit, well for a fact it makes sense. But what if you’re tired and stressed out of going to and from the gym daily after work? Not practical? Okay let’s say, you bought a treadmill or elliptical trainers for example, then I guess that’s a good option, isn’t it?

While it may sound mechanical or a cliché, but your mother keeps on reminding you on exercising to stay healthy. Do not ignore anyway, perhaps she makes sense.

Why Exercise?

Working out or exercising is a great method to stay fit, however, if you are unprepared, you might end up full of body pains, or the worse, with injuries. People strain or injure themselves, since they do not plan ahead and devise their fitness goal.

So, What Shall I Do to Stay Away from Injuries and Muscle Pains? Plan Ahead

Since you have to exercise to keep fit, you also have to think of it closely, and do not settle for foolish judgment on your fitness capacity. First thing you need to do is to select a particular time of the day to perform workout routines. You might prefer to exercise early in the morning before going to work. Since you know that you are a busy person and probably have no time to go to the gym, just go jogging around your village for 30 minutes or less, allowing yourself to prepare for office after.

Exercising is meant for you to feel good, as others see it a way to remove stress, so you do not have to start with your workout two hours daily. As time goes by, you will develop this habit, and adjust on the amount of time spend on this task.

Have the Will to Do It!

Start with your routines slowly and do not ever try to strain yourself. Concentrate on moving your body in a very smooth manner, since it is still adapting to this added routine. Allow your body to adjust in your mode of exercise, and do not ever set unrealistic goals beyond your fitness capacity.
Build up intensity as you exercise to keep fit, but do not forget to take some time off between routines, allowing your body to get the hang of exercising in a smooth and careful way.

Slowly but Surely!

Now that you know your fitness goals and you have the will to do it, it’s time to put some muscles in your routines. However, it does not necessarily mean that you engage in high-intensity workout in the start of your program. As I mentioned earlier allow your body to adjust to this new endeavor, and do not ever for yourself to try 100 push-ups in one session in the first week.

Exercise to Keep Fit and Live Well, Longer

I’m sure you are thinking on getting those bones and muscles in action. My only piece of advice is: Before engaging in any forms of exercise to keep fit, consult your doctor to make sure you are heading on your way to keeping fit and living longer.


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