Give your eyes a sigh of relief by Eye Strengthening Exercises


Eyes are the most valuable gift of God to us, and it is also true that our eyes are used the most after our brain. Since, it is being used so much, it requires special care and relaxation, so that it can function properly in the long run.

Methods of relaxing eyes:

Eyes can be straightened or relaxed by some exercises called eye straightening exercises. These exercises not only straighten and relax the eyes, but also provide the brain with a lot of extra strength.

Eye straightening exercises and its benefits:

There is plenty of eye straightening exercises and they have plenty of benefits. Few of them are-:
Keep your eyes on the tip of your nose: In this exercise, one requires pointing their eyes on the tip of the nose for as long as they can. Then, one should close their eyes and relax.

Keep your eyes on the third eye: In this exercise, one should point the eyes on the third eye (the left over portion between the eyebrows or the region where eyebrows meet).keep them as long as one can and then close the eyes and relax.

Point the eyes towards shoulders: In this exercise, one should point both eyes on the left shoulder without moving the head. One should stay in this position for about 1 minute, and then should move on to the right shoulders in the same pattern. One should do this for around 10 times for each shoulder.

Visualize an object and imagine: This eye straightening exercise has great benefits for mental health. Here, one requires visualizing an object and keeping looking at it constantly for 1 minute. Now, one requires closing his or her eyes and visualizing that object. Doing this 4-5 times will enhance the vision, as well as the concentration power.


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