Shape up your legs with Leg-Toning Exercises


Toning up your entire body remains incomplete if your legs are not toned or are flabby. Flabby legs can spoil your entire labor on your body, and can deprive you from the attraction that leaner and toned legs would have provided. In order to help you in this regard, here are couples of leg toning exercises.

Lifting your heels:

This exercise is not only very easy to do, but is also very efficient and fast. This exercise will bring out result in a very small duration of time. All you need to do is lift your heels and keep them lifted as long as you can. Now bring them to their normal position. Repeat this 5-6 times in the beginning, and then 10 times on a regular basis. Result will be observed very soon.

Putting your body weight on your toe:

In this exercise, you require putting your complete body weight on your toe and remain in that position for a while; and then return to your normal position. Doing this for 10 times a day will help in shaping up your legs in a perfect way. Be extra careful while doing this exercise, because there are chances that you may damage your toe.

Bend your legs to touch the buttocks:

This is also one of the exercises that will help one in shaping up and toning the legs. Here, you require standing in a straight position, and then bending your knees backward in such a way that the left foot should touch the left buttock. Stay in that position and then return to normal. Now repeat the same with your right knee. Doing this for 10 times a day will tone up the legs perfectly.

Lifting your legs:

In this leg toning exercise, you require to sit on ground while your legs stick together. Now try and lift your legs in air without your butts leaving the ground. Keep your legs in air as long as possible. Repeat in just 4-5 times and that will be enough to tone your legs.


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