Reduce the Chances of Neck Aches or Strains by Neck Strengthening Exercises


In this modern era, very few of us are aware of the fact that half of the time; we are in the wrong posture of sitting or standing. The most important part of our body, our neck, is the part that suffers maximum dislocation or wrong postures, and it is very important to straighten the neck after being displaced or dislocated.

Methods of neck straightening:

Neck straightening is very important and can be done easily and simply by exercises. There are plenty of neck straightening exercises that bring out outstanding results.

Neck straightening Exercises:

Neck rotation:

One of the most common and simple method that adds great benefit as far as neck straightening is concerned. All one requires doing in this exercise is rotating the head clockwise and in anticlockwise direction. This rotation should be done very slowly and carefully. Small jerks can give unbearable pain, which may last for days.

Neck Flexions:

Neck flexions are another important exercise through which one can straighten the muscle of the neck region. This exercise can also help one in getting relieved of the pain that occurs in the neck region. The major advantage of this exercise is that it can be done anywhere, and anytime.

Neck side bending:

This also helps in straightening the neck muscles. In this exercise, one needs to bend the head towards the left shoulders, and then towards the right one. This should be repeated at least 20 times. Be careful that only head should move, and all the other parts of the body should be intact.

Shoulders squeezing:

One can raise the arms, and should stretch them backwards as far as they can go. This will squeeze the shoulders straightening the neck muscles.

Back bending:

Join both your hands behind your head and try and bend backward as far as one can go. This is another important exercise that helps in straightening the neck muscles.


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