Lose weight and say “No more Flabby abs”


If you are tired of flab and your extra weight, which causes a lot of hindrance in a lot of activities, you need not worry anymore, because there are plenty of exercises and practices through which you can confidently say “no more flabby abs”.

Abs looks best when it is flat and tight. Flabby abs is always embarrassing and uncomfortable. It is a sad truth that a huge majority today suffers with the problem of Flabby abs. However, with some easy and simple methods, one can easily make no flabbier abs your motto. Attaining tight and flat abs is easy without going more crunches and sit ups.

Prevention of flabby abs:

Don’t sit for long:
Sitting for longer duration is one of the major causes that enlarge the size of the belly. Those who sit for longer duration, gets flab all over their belly and abs. This is why one should avoid sitting for long.

Do not over eat:
Over eating is also one of the major reasons of increasing belly fat. That is why one should avoid over eating in order to avoid flabby abs.

Proper exercise and physical workout can prevent one from having flabby abs. avoiding these will surely lead to belly fat accumulation and weight gain.

Exercises for removing flabby abs:

Hip lift:
Lifting up the hip upwards while lying down in such a way so that the back of the body should not rise up, exerts a lot of pressure on the tummy region saying no to flabby abs.

Torso twist:
Torso twist is one of the most effective exercises that helps in reducing flabby abs. this exercise can be done either by standing or by lying down. Here all one needs to do is twist the upper torso region towards left and then towards right one after another, without moving the lower torso region.

Lying down and virtually bicycling also helps in reducing flabby abs.


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