Sitting in a wrong posture? Correct it with Posture Correcting Exercises


What is a correct posture?

Correct posture keeps all parts fully balanced and supported. Generally, correct posture means sitting with back straight, belly completely tucked in, chest up and out. Correct posture and back support helps reduce neck and back pain.

Exercises to correct our posture

Cervical retraction – In order to correct our cervical posture, we have to take a chair and sit straight comfortably with our feet touching the floor. Then relax a little and slowly pull your chin straight in without bobbing head up or down.

Breastbone Lift – We must perform a breastbone lift in order to strengthen our lower trapezius muscles. We have to simply sit, slowly lift our breastbone couple of inches higher and slowly compress our shoulder blades down and together.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze – For this exercise, we have to simply sit on a chair with our shoulders straight and hands resting on our thighs. Now, we have to slowly move our shoulder backwards and squeeze our shoulder blades together.

Abdominal Pull-In – it is one of the easiest and best ways to tuck in our bulging belly. We have to simply pull our tummy in while inhaling deeply and then gradually exhaling. We have to repeat it several times and then relax.

Stretching exercises- Stretching our neck, chest, hips, glutes and hamstrings will help in correcting our posture. For our hamstring, we have to simply sit on a chair with our legs stretched out straight. Then we have to lock our knees and bend forward from the waist. We have to do this until we feel a stretch in the backs of our upper legs. Hold it at least for 20 seconds.

Strengthening Exercises – Exercises like cobras, dead lifts, leg presses, shoulder presses, crunches, and squats are very much helpful in improving our posture. An easiest way to do this exercise is to simply stand against the wall and slowly we have to pull our neck back against the wall. While doing this, we have to maintain a level chin without nodding our head up and down.


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