Understand Strength Training Basics before Lifting those Barbells


People wonder on strength training basics, and what it can do for their body. For a fact, it will help you lose those extra pounds and help keep your body strong. Whether you desire to lose weight or build extra muscles, it is vital to have strength training as part of your exercise routine.

What Strength Training Involves

It includes utilizing resistance to muscular contraction to create anaerobic endurance, strength and size of muscles. Numerous methods are out to do this type of routine, however, you need to consult your health professional before beginning with a weight lifting exercise, making sure you are physically fit and free from any medical conditions, injuries or illnesses.

Important Guidelines to Bear in Mind

Read, Read, and Read!
Know about the strength training basics so make certain that you are out of danger and free from acquiring any sort of injuries. It is vital to comprehend the rules and guidelines for weight lifting.

Select Your Program
Go for a fitness program that includes working out entire muscle groups and work on the fitness program for one to three days alternately per week.

Start With a Cardio Workout
Begin your routine with 5 or 10 minutes of cardio workout for warming up, but you could also perform a warm up round of the entire routine utilizing light and medium weights.

Have Proper Exercise for Every Muscle Group
Choose one or two routines for each muscle group, repeating them for 8 up to 16 times. You can also do several repetitions using lesser weights, and slowly increasing them and reducing repetitions.

Use Machines, If You Want to Do Strength Training Basics in the Gym
This method will help you create your own movements in a way you can achieve.

Have Some Time Off
You can take one to two days of break in the beginning of the program so as not to stress yourself, allowing your body to adapt to this kind of weight training. Then gradually reduce it to only a day per week.

Document Your Progress
Record your workout progress to ensure you are in the right track. Increase your weight capacity by some pounds or add one repetition. However do not go over repetitions for more than 16. When you reached the 16 targets, add more weights and decrease your repetitions to 10.

Do Not Get Too Excited
In your first week of performing strength training basics, do not ever attempt to exhaust yourself by doing strenuous routines. Do not also be overenthusiastic though you have to challenge yourself. What you got to do it to concentrate on understanding the method in performing every exercise rather than getting overwhelmed with the weights.

For you to prevent any injuries and imbalances, workout on all muscle groups so you have to select your program carefully. And after consulting a doctor about your physical fitness to perform weight training, seek for a fitness trainer that will help you understand strength training basics.


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