Best Ways to store your Spices


Here are hundreds of spices available today; it's easy to forget about how important they were once considered to be. But nowadays we have a place for few spices in our cupboards. We take them and keep them in clear jars out on the counter, where the light kills their potency. But spices require some protection to reach their full potential in our cooking but it's really easy once you know how. Don't make the mistake of using ground spices or that don't smell or taste of anything, if you use your cooking will not benefit in any way. Now get some tips how to store spices properly.

Keep Spices in jar properly

The proper way to use your spice is to put them in a small container food jar, with a tight fitting lid. Then put your spices in a drawer that is just below waist level. And the best way to store your spices is in air-tight containers, away from direct light and heat. This means they should not be sitting out on your counter and they should NOT be near your stove. When buying in bulk or if you have more spices than you will use in the next couple of weeks, store them in a plastic bag, and put them in the freezer, this will keep your spices much fresher, much longer. But keep in mind a refrigerator contains a slight humid environment which could alter the flavor of your spices. Most likely you'll be purchasing the spice in a plastic bag, so when you get home, then transfer any unused spice to a sealed tin. Do not put your spices in a paper bag as they may get damp or wet, thus ruining your spices.

Purchase as much spice as you need

A small amount of spices can be store very well instead of huge amount. So buying as little or as much spice as you need, it will be the best option for you. And it’s best to purchase whole spices but not all spices are available whole. Because whole spices will stay fresher longer, for up to 4 years, whereas ground spices only stay fresh between 1 and 2 years.

Store your spices in Spice Rack

Here are many ideas to store your spices like:

  1. You can sore spices in baby food jars. You can recycle them into spices jars. Because the small size fits perfectly into a drawer.
  2. You can fit stainless steel spice rack on a wall in your kitchen where you find some open space.
  3. Another way to store spices is to use upcylced etched glass spice bottles. Those colorful spices look amazing in that spices bottles.
  4. A pull out spice rack will also be best option to store spices. You can hide and keep them out of sight in your kitchen.
  5. Open shelving in your kitchen is also a great way to store your spices. You can store them in all different size glass jars with labels.


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